Blog Calm

I treasure the moment at the end of a busy day when I can sit down post on my blog and catch up on all my favourite blogs. It’s a great way to relax and unwind. So here I sit relaxing and unwinding. Today there was no getting up at 4:30am!! Thank Goodness! I slept very soundly for the first time in a very, very long time!

I really wish I had my camera at work today. My colleague and amazing friend brought me lunch that is so, so blothworthy!! Every bite I took I kept thinking about how I wished I had my camera!! He made me the best pasta salad with tri-colour rigatoni, chicken breast, feta cheese, black olives, red peppers tossed in an Italian dressing. It was fabulous! I wish I had a photo….darn…

I had a big, juicy apple and a Quaker’s Delights Bar. Yum!

The gym was so great today!!

Run Stats: 6.61 miles, 60 minutes, Average Pace: 9:04min/mil

This post is lacking photos and I haven’t posed any questions. I always have amazing ideas swirling in my head during the day. I will start writing them down during the day so I can blog at night. Relaxation leads to numbness of thought. haha

On to dinner and some photos! I was not in the mood to cook at all given that it was almost 8pm when I walked through the door. A salad was needed for sure because my day lacked fresh fruit & veggies. The salad included: mixed greens, sweet orange peppers, tomatoes, alfalf a sprouts, scallions, blueberries, sugar snap peas, avocadoes, sunflower seeds & dried cranberries tossed in raspberry vinagrette. The avocado added so much to the taste. It was just wonderful.

amazing salad

amazing salad

On the side I had whole wheat toast- one with President’s Choice Swiss Cheese Round and the other with peanut butter & strawberry rhubarb jam.

tuesday 003


I am still thinking of what I can include in my give-away….stay tuned 🙂

Have a great evening ladies & gents!

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I am slowly going crazy..

Well guys, I have officially been at work for over 13 hours straight so far today! I am taking a break to post a note. I braved the early morning hours with a 4:30am wake up call AND it has been chaos ever since!

Unfortunately I do not have a single photo of the food I have consumed today…and there really isn’t much to discuss because nothing was over-the-top amazing EXCEPT for the glass of St. Urbans Reisling I had around 12:30pm today!! Now, how does one get to consume one’s ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE wine in the middle of a crazy, insane, wildly busy day? Simple: boss asks you to kindly hold a table on a patio on a lovely day.  I had less than 10 minutes to gulp it down. It was fantastic! HOWEVER, it took all my strength not to stay and drink an entire bottle.

Well, hopefully I can leave this circus soon. (An investment bank can easily be equated to a circus, or worse). Tomorrow I will be back in full force with pictures  of food my lovelies!

And as you can imagine, there will be no gym visit tonight….I would fear permanent injury.

Have a great evening!

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Betty Crocker in the Kitchen

I love baking. A lot. There are two things I love most about baking: licking the bowl and giving the baking away. I like to test the end product but I love to share. This afternoon was spent in the kitchen baking.

sunday afternoon 006

First up on the list was Cream Cheese Brownies. I think this would get two thumbs up by most people. I didn’t test the end result yet but the batter and the topping (raw from the bowl) was very, very food.

sunday afternoon 002


sunday afternoon 004

sunday afternoon 005


Next on the list was Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies. No one would say no to these, right? 🙂 I tried one and they are VERY good.

sunday afternoon 008


sunday afternoon 009


sunday afternoon 010


Lastly I made Oaty Peanut Butter Cookies. We all know I have an obsession with peanut butter! I have actually made this before and they are excellent! They were a huge hit with my colleagues as well!

sunday afternoon 011

sunday afternoon 012


Look at these plates of cookies- yummy!








sunday afternoon 013


I will absolutely post the recipes  in my Recipe Box. If I have time tonight, I will. If not, sometime this week for sure. I know I will meet with a lot of smiling faces with all these goodies!

This afternoon I had a Clifs Carrot Cake bar. I am a huge fan of Clifs Bars and this flavour is very good.

sunday afternoon 001

For “lunch” I had whole wheat toast. One piece had cheddar and the other had peanut butter & strawberry preserves. Yum!

sunday afternoon 003

It was time for some sweet potato fries so that’s just what I had for dinner with a side of steamed broccoli & ketchup.

sunday afternoon 014

Do you enjoy baking for others like I do?

Next weekend I will probably make some “healthier” type dessert for me. I have the Ani Pho’s Raw Food Desserts cookbook and I haven’t tried anything yet so I think it’s time.

Have a great evening! I’ll probably watch the beginning of the ball game and then hit the hay soon to be prepared for my early rise tomorrow.

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Sunday Sun

Ladies and Gents- is the sun out where you are? Today is gorgeeeeeeeeeous! I took my own advice and enjoyed some extra pillow time. I really want to take one day and literally stay in bed all day reading and just relaxing. I don’t know if I have it in me though because I always feel like I should be using my time (here on Earth) more productively. The consequences of an over-active mind.

I suited up around 10:30am and hit the road for my Sunday morning run. There were a lot of runners out. Who wouldn’t want to run in perfect weather? It was slightly warm but every so often a welcoming breeze would add some relief. I intended on a super-duper run but I felt lactic buildup- too much snacking last night I think. (I ate some crap after my last post- Saturday night munchies.)

Is anyone else effected on their morning run but what they ate the night before?

Run Stats: 6.17 miles, 50 minutes, Average Pace: 8:06 min/mil

A friend of mine wants me to chill with her downtown in my old ‘hood but I still have a lot I want to do and I have to get up- get this- at 4:30am tomorrow because I have to be at work for 6am! This, my dears, is going to probably kill me. I am not a morning person in any way, shape or form largely because I sleep poorly. Wish me luck! Anyway, I really wanted to chill with her but I have to go to bed at what? 6pm? LOL

I wasn’t hungry after my run because the sun made my tummy ache just a little bit. I never get hungry directly after a workout on a regular basis. It takes about an hour for my food drive to kick in.

On the breakfast menu: French toast!

French toast, carrots & coffee

French toast, carrots & coffee

I also had some delicious fruit: stawberries, blueberries & sliced nectarine.

sunday morning 002

I just wanted to add I really appreciate all the sweet comments I get from you lovely ladies. I really enjoy reading all of your blogs- I feel like I know most of you 🙂

So I have been blogging for about two months now so it’s definitely time for a give-away! This week I am going to think of some good things I could include and I will announce a give-away at the end of this week! Woohoo!

Have a great day!!

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Melissa = Stubborn

Hey friends! Saturday treating you well? I spent a lot of time cleaning the crib (gangsta girl). Not only do I love the end product but I am also one of those (sick) people who actually enjoys the process of cleaning. I think it allows me to clear my mind and focus. I FINALLY started purging some clothes. Guys, I have a ridiculous amount of clothes. It’s sick. I am not exaggerating. I’d take a picture but I’m too embarassed to even do that. On the bright side: I haven’t purchased clothing in months!

Cleaning makes one hungry so I munched the afternoon away. Snack breaks are always welcome with me.

Here are all of the goods (I think I photographed everything):

Blue Menu Wheat Crackers with strawberry preserves, pb, honey & Nutella

Blue Menu Wheat Crackers with strawberry preserves, pb, honey & Nutella

President  Choice's Chocolate Granola  & Bear Naked Granola

President Choice's Chocolate Granola & Bear Naked Granola

 I sipped on Bolthouse Bom Dia Acai & Blueberry Juice during the afternoon. It was excellent! The nutrition is pretty good but I expected better. The taste is phenomenal!



Leah sent me a very sweet note about my blog and she mentioned that I never say anything negative about what I eat, no matter what it is. (It was a kind note). Anyway, she cited the example of pretzels & Diet Coke which made me crave pretzels & Diet Coke which led to me eating pretzels & Diet Coke. 🙂

I love Rold Gold

I love Rold Gold

Me advertising for Diet Coke

Me advertising for Diet Coke

I had some nutrition too, don’t worry. 🙂

an entire mango

an entire mango

sugar snap peas

sugar snap peas

I also had some random squares of chocolate because that’s how I roll.

Now on to how freakin’ stubborn I am. So after saying I wasn’t going to the gym and I was going to lay low and just clean, I gave in and went. Yes, I am crazy and don’t desire rest. Part of the reason I wanted to go was because my condo gym was recently stocked with brand new quality equipment- they revamped everything! As you know, I belong to a gym near my work but I like to use the gym here in my condo on weekends if I don’t run outside. The equipment is so nice! Is it sad that new gym equipment gets me excited?? haha

Workout Re-Cap: 45 minutes on the elliptical (this elliptical is very different from the one in my gym but I enjoyed it. I did intervals and cranked up the resistance- 45 minutes flew by and I could have easily spent hours on it. I definitely don’t burn as much as I do on a run but I enjoyed it.)

I was a chef in my kitchen for dinner. I am all about seasoning things overnight or longer. The feature tonight was ribs I had seasoning for two nights and chicken I had seasoning overnight. The ribs weren’t for me but being the chef, I had to try them!

The ribs were seasoned in a mixture I created myself that included: four different types of BBQ sauce, honey, soy sauce, ketchup & spices. I cooked the ribs at about 200 degrees for roughly 3 hours. I did increase the temperature to about 300 degrees for the last hour. The end product was amazing. Better than anything you can get in the best rib restaurant.



Now the chicken was simply seasoned with diced up garlic in a Ziplock bag. I put the garlic chicken in my slow cooker with vegetable broth & spices and cooked it on a low heat for 3 hours. I then dumped the chicken in a Pyrex dish and stuck it in oven for less than an hour to golden it up. Soooooooooooooo tasty! Wow! I am damn good.

saturday night 010

I steamed some broccoli and had the last of my zucchini, sweet potato & green beans on the side.

saturday night 012

I also made a salad with mixed greens, scallions, tomatoes, sweet orange peppers, alfalfa sprouts, sugar snap peas & blueberries tossed with raspberry vinagrette. What a lovely, perfect meaty meal. I am not a huge meat eater but it’s nice to get some in once in awhile.

saturday morning 011

Well I think I will just lay on the couch for the remainder of the evening. I wouldn’t mind going out and socializing but all of that cleaning made me tired!

What is your idea of the perfect Saturday evening?

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Peanut, Peanut Butter, Oats

What a gorgeous day! The sun felt so nice when I was outside this morning. I hope the weather is nice for you as well 🙂

I have accomplished a lot and it’s not even 1pm yet! I did manage to sleep in until 9am and it was just nice to lounge in bed.  I took my monsters for a long walk. Here is what they look like afterward:

my monsters

my monsters

Before I went to bed I snacked on these things:

saturday morning 001

And this piece of whole wheat toast with half peanut butter, half Nutella.

so good

so good

This morning was spent cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning. 🙂 I could probably clean some more and I likely will. I’m only in a condo and I could spend hours cleaning- I can’t imagine what an entire house will require!

In the midst of cleaning, I made a really good breakfast. I FINALLY made oats on the stove. I mixed in half a banana and water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. I topped it the rest of the banana, dried cherries, and peanut butter. Oh my GOODNESS- this was by far the best bowl of oatmeal I have ever had! Thanks to all you lovely lady bloggers who come up with combos like the above. 🙂 Great inspiration.\

best oats ever

best oats ever

These oats gave me great energy as I cleaned the floors & carpets by hand, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, etc. etc.

Lunch was needed around 12:30pm. Left-overs were on the menu: Quinoa Pistachio Pilaf & Zucchini, Sweet Potatoes & Greenbeans. Yum!

great lunch

great lunch

I also just munched on a few squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Sorry I ate it too fast to take a picture :-p

What is the number one ingredient I should add to stove-top oats?

Have a great afternoon!

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Making Up For Lost Time

Was Friday good for you? It was good for me. 🙂 There is always a sense of un-wind on Fridays. Even the Fridays that may be jammed. I really love Fridays.

One day I want to calculate the amount of money I spend at Tim Horton’s. Actually, I probably shouldn’t because it’s probably more than I care to think about. haha With that said, I made my mandatory morning stop there this morning for my large black coffee and cinnamon raisin bagel. At work I throw some milk and sweetener in the coffee to make it more palatable. Next week I HAVE to switch it up- I can’t go on eating the same bagel every day. 🙂


I wanted a light lunch because I wanted to hit the gym in the early afternoon. Guess where I went? Yes, that’s right, Tim Horton’s. I got one of their newer soups: Hearty Vegetable Soup with a country bun. I was impressed! The soup was very tasty!

I really enjoyed my workout again today. Day-time gym sessions are SO much better than end of day. I stayed on the elliptical for one hour! Perfect mid-day treat.

When I got back to my desk I had the other half of my lunch: Trail Mix Cookie from Tim Horton’s. I wish I had a picture of it! It was soooooo tasty. It is literally trail mix in cookie form. I should make my own sometime.

Does anyone have a good recipe for Trail Mix Cookies?

It was so nice to leave work at 5pm knowing I could get some extra shut eye tomorrow. I made the regular Friday night stop to the grocery store. I love the produce section at the Loblaws down the street from my house. Everytime I go in there I want to buy everything! Especially this time of year. Does anyone else get this excited about produce?

Check out what I picked up:

From Mother Earth

From Mother Earth

Groceries will always be the thing I will never create a budget for. I will always buy what I want and never feel like I never have enough money. I’d rather cut back on everything else and be nourished. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll search for good deals at the same time!

I snacked on some lovely grapes and cherries while I prepared dinner. I actually decided this morning while in the shower that I really needed to have grapes today. I know you guys know the power of a craving. 🙂

crunchy and sweet

crunchy and sweet

Oh! I also had a few of these All-Sorts I picked up. When I was a kid, I didn’t like these candies at all. My mom has always loved them and I think the taste for them has really grown on me and I like to pick them up every once and awhile as a treat.



Another great thing about Fridays is that I usually have a lot more time to relax and prepare a really good dinner. I needed some vegetables in my life and I knew it had to include a sweet potato.

I decided on sauteing some sweet potato chunks, zucchini chunks, green beans & garlic in some olive oil and garlic & sea salt spices. The scents were amazing!!

friday 006

I was also craving meat because it’s been awhile since I had a piece. I seasoned a chicken breast with some garlic & sea salt & pepper corn spices. I also threw some of the quinoa pistachio pilaf I made yesterday. What a great meal! The meat was perfectly juicy and seasoned. YUM!

lookin' good

lookin' good

I had a nice bowl of ice cream for dessert. I am absolutely making up for lost time with the discovery of my new love for the sweet icy treat. While growing up, I never really cared for the stuff. I mean, I ate it from time to time but these days I can’t live without it! I have been on a Breyer’s Neopolitan kick. So very good!

What kind of funky (not so high in fat) ice cream or frozen yogurt should I try??

my new addiction

my new addiction

Well my friends, it’s time for me to do a little cleaning and a little relaxing. I hope you have a great Friday evening. Am I the only party-pooper staying in? 🙂

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Very corny title. I know. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful day. Mine was mostly okay. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the changes I will be experiencing in the coming months. I don’t like to blog too much on things that bother me but to make a long story short, I have a lot of changes coming my way in the next 2 months with my move from the workforce back to school and all that it entails. I like to remain positive and I know that the end result is worth any upset/troubles/very hard work/sadness in the meantime.

Do you have any advice on how to remain grounded and happy when every aspect is changing?

Last night I got the urge to have a snack before bed due to the lack of food I consumed during the day. I reached for something that satisfied for sure: Smart Pop Popcorn! I ate an entire large bag all on my lonesome.

I love corn in all forms

I love corn in all forms

I also chomped on two of the four chocolates pictured below ( I actually just finished the other two pieces right now :-P)

I'll love you forever chocolate

I'll love you forever chocolate

I slept poorly last night with all that I have on my poor little brain so I woke up tired…..oh I could have laid in bed all morning. THANKFULLY, it is ALMOST the weekend! I know I am not the only one excited about this!

I am sorry to report I had the EXACT same thing for breakfast AGAIN: cinnamon raisin bagel and coffee. I don’t think I could ever grow sick of them. However, I really need to switch it up, my friends.


All the big bosses were out today so that meant daytime gym sesh!! My favourite! I had one of the best workouts I have had in a very long time! Oh man- the sweat was dripping off of me! Am I the only one in the world who loves this?

Best Workout Summary Ever:

20 minute RUN: roughly 2.7 miles

20 minute BIKE: 7 miles at level 10

20 minute ELLIPTICAL: at level 5


I was hungry for some nutrition as soon as I got back to my desk so I reached for some tasty, sweet canteloupe.thursday 008


I got hungry for lunch soon after and I got what I was craving: an egg salad sandwich for Tim Horton’s. It hit the spot!! No photos- sorry!

My first afternoon snack was a gigantic Crispin apple. I have no photo of the one I ate but here is another:


On the train ride home I pulled out the Tim Horton’s Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookie out. It was part of the Egg Salad Sandwich Combo but I didn’t get hungry for it until I was en route to my place. It was really, really good and I really, really wish I had a picture. I forgot how good raisins are in cookies. I need to get to baking!

Since I was full up, I took my time and hit the grocery store and decided I would cook dinner for the first time in awhile during the week! I pulled out this cookbook:

thursday 003

Speaking of cookbooks, when people were viewing the unit yesterday, the lady commented that I “must love to cook” because I have so many cookbooks. haha It’s so true 🙂

I decided on Quinoa Pistachio Pilaf. Actually, I meant to make it on the weekend but today turned out to be the right time. (I will definitely post the recipe in my Recipe Box)

Here is the recipe in pictures:

the ingredients

the ingredients



veggies + quinoa + broth

veggies + quinoa + broth

final product

final product

Oh and I snacked on a few of these while cooking:

thursday 005

I knew some added veggies were needed so I made a salad to go with the Quinoa Pistachio Pilaf. The salad included baby spinach, sweet orange pepper, tomatoes, scallions, and blueberries tossed with Kraft Roasted Red Pepper & Parmasen Dressing. Yum!

thursday 009

For my fellow bloggers, how long does it take you to write a post? Do you just concentrate on it?

I usually have the television on and I may also have a snack when I post so it takes me upwards to an hour sometimes. Tonight I have snacked on some sugary goodness:

ice cream

ice cream

Jelly Belly!! (Soon I will have one if I keep eating these)

Jelly Belly!! (Soon I will have one if I keep eating these)

Well relaxation time 🙂

Sweet dreams all

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Feed ME!

Today was a test of my will. Because I had an ultrasound exam at 1pm, I had to fast. All morning I dreamt of food. All morning my stomach growled. I was NOT a happy camper. To top it off, I had to guzzle GALLONS of water and ensure my bladder was full for the first of three ultrasounds. I don’t want to go on and on but the tests were not the most pleasant 45 minutes of my life but alas my health is more important than less than an hour of discomfort.

By the time I got out of the appointment, I wasn’t overly hungry because I hadn’t eaten for so long but I was craving mega-carbs so guess what I got?? THat’s right: a cinnamon raisin bagel! I also got one of Tim Horton’s yummy Creamy Vanilla Yogurt! I added my own raspberries to the yogurt to get some fruit in. No photos- sorry guys.

It filled me right up because my stomach was so empty. Later on I had a banana. I love bananas!

friday 005

I was in a good mood despite my not so good day. It was super quiet at work today, which was nice. 🙂 I had some minor things to deal with but nothing over the top.

On my way home I needed a treat so I had a bag of Rold Gold Pretzels & a Diet Coke.

I munched on the treat while I read my new wonderful book:

Miriam Toews- The Flying Troutmans

Miriam Toews- The Flying Troutmans

I read one of Miriam’s other books entitled A Complicated Kindness awhile back and it was really good. I saw this book on the weekend and I picked it up without even reading the description. I think this book is even better. You know a book is good when you get lost in the story and you feel like you are there. I highly recommend this book to all of you fellow readers. I adore reading so much! Mom, if you are reading this, I will give you this book when I am done 🙂

Do you have an excellent book recommendations? I love fiction and non-fiction alike 🙂

So when I got home this eveningf I had to wait around for people to view my unit. By the time the last of them left, it was after 7pm. I was torn on whether I would work out. I knew I really wanted to but at the same time I was tired and getting hungry. Thank GOODNESS I am stubborn as hell! I wanted to workout in the gym in my condo BUT they just got brand new equipment so the place was packed! I hit the good ol’ pavement!

Run Stats: 5 miles, 41 minutes, 29 seconds, 8:17 min/mil average pace

Not bad, huh? I am not a late night worker-outer :-p

I was quite hungry when I got home! Dinner time! Something quick again unfortunately. Here is what I ended up with:

super salad

super salad

My awesome salad included: baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, sweet orange peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, and sunflower seeds mixed with Kraft Roasted Red Pepper & Parmesan Dressing. It was really good!!

the rest of my dinner

the rest of my dinner

Continuing with the mantra “eat what you crave” I had a Garden Burger Veggie Burger  on WW toast with horseradish dijon, WW toast with peanut butter and crackers with strawberry preserves. I have one satisfied stomach.

I definitely need to eat something else! I am not sure what snack I will have….

Have a great night!!

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I’m Bringing Healthy Back…

Hey ladies and gents! I hope your day was swell! I had FOUR pieces of fruit today! SERIOUS!

Yesterday was a really healthy eating day for me. Instead of stating all my meals, here are some of photos

inside of my lovely lunch wrap

inside of my lovely lunch wrap

Melissa's lunch packaged with love

Melissa's lunch packaged with love

yummy cantaloupe

yummy cantaloupe

I obviously ate much more but I have no photographic evidence because I spent 15 hours away from home…yuck!

I did workout yesterday too to release some of that old tension!

Monday Workout Recap: 1 hour on the elliptical trainer in a dead silent gym! LOVED IT!

This morning my alarm woke me up :-0!! My alarm never wakes me. I almost always get up before it. I guess I was mad tired even though I slept well and went to bed at 10pm.

I was starvin marvin when I got to work and was looking for convenience because I had things to deal with as soon as I got in so I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a cinnamon raisin bagel with a much needed coffee!! OH hell yeah!

my fave

my fave

I had a snack attack mid-morning! A colleague and I went for ANOTHER coffee!! I got a medium this time! I was tired guys! I also had this lovely peach (Fruit #1). I love peaches & nectarines!



So I didn’t pack a lunch and I knew I wanted soup. I went downstairs and got this badboy:


Here is a conversation that ensued with my boss as I ate my lunch at my desk:

Boss with a krinkled nose: “That….that doesn’t look……..very good…..”

Melissa “It’s reallly good. It’s broccoli soup.”

Boss- blah blah about work stuff then “that smells bad too”

Melissa “Well I have to eat this healthy shit so I don’t die”

But quite honestly- it tastes very good!! 🙂

I also had fruit #2: Golden Delicious apple

I got hungry soon after and had a Lunabar Mint Chocolate Tea Cake.


I also had Fruit #3: a Peach 🙂

I didn’t want too much more before the gym but I wanted to  ensure I had enough fuel so around 3pm I pulled out a Quaker Delights Toasted Cocunut Banana Macadamia Nut Bar! I LOVE these bars- so very tasty. I also had a small piece of chocolate.


quaker delight


I knew the gym would make me feel great so even when I waivered a little around 4pm, I knew the visit was a MUST! As per usual, I was VERY happy that I went.

Run Stats: 6.48 miles, 1 hour, Average Pace: 9:12 Min/Mil

Did you enjoy your workout today?

My post-workout re-fuel was fruit #4: a pear

I was hungry like a mother when I got home so I knew I had to cook something super quick for dinner but at the same time pick something I was craving. What I came up with: eggs!

my dinner

my dinner

Up top you will find an egg white omelette with sweet orange peppers and scallions mixed in, slices of sweet orange pepper, sugar snap peas, giant carrot disks, two pieces of whole wheat toast: one with peanut butter and one with cheese. SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!

For dessert I had this Chocolate Fix:

I love these

I love these

I found these treats in the freezer section at the grocery store. It reminds me of a macaroon (it’s the coconut and chocolate- yum). They only have 100 calories and no fat I believe. Hits the spot every time!

So who are you routing for: Magic or the Lakers?? GO Dwight Howard you gorgeous specimen of man 😀

I will likely have another snack tonight because I have fast all morning. I have my ultrasound appointment around 1pm!  (To see what is up with my sore tummy when running) Not being able to eat until 2pm is going to KILL me! I’m one of those people who eat breakfast like clockwork. I already warned my colleagues I will be quite the crankster all morning! haha 🙂

Have a great evening!!

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