Stress Ball: ball consisting of little particles of stress

Hey guys!

I hope you’re well! I have been busy, busy, busy! Life is just crazy for me! I can’t believe it’s July next week! I have about three weeks left at work but I can’t even look at a calendar to confirm because it’s too much for me. I can’t WAIT to just be settled and ready for classes. There are a million things I have to do before then- I’ll just press on.

I have eaten really healthy the last two days! I realized (well, it is common sense) that the better I eat, the better I will feel. No need for the added stress of feeling crappy and potential weight gain (I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe).

Yesterday’s Eats:

Big Bowl of work Oats (2 packages of Kashi Heart2Heart Cinnamon Raisin)

vancouver 001

Eating oatmeal was a good move on my part. It was a great start to my day.

Lunch was some of the leftover macaroni salad I had on Sunday. YUM!

tuesday 001

I was stuck at work until 9:30pm last night so that meant no gym! boo! I had a really great pesto chicken salad from a place called Hot House the guys always order from. I don’t have a photo but it was really, really good! It had amazing grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, homemade bacon bits, mixed greens & pine nuts. I wish I had a photo!

I also had a great phone conversation with 3 of my good friends! One of them is getting married and the rest of us are in her wedding party. They are all from my hometown and I have known them for years and years so talking to them is always a blast- it seriously is like no time has past. The wedding is going to be so much fun!

Do you have friends like that?

Today was another busy day! I had a cinnamon raisin bagel & coffee for breakfast.


Lunch was a re-run of yesterday- I don’t waste good food πŸ™‚

I had the juiciest, sweetest grapefruit this afternoon! I LOVE a great piece of fruit. I was actually craving more fruit but I didn’t make it down to the store. I definitely need to stock up as I only have one single banana left.

I also chomped on a Quaker Delights raspberry almond dark chocolate granola bar. So tasty! One of my go-to snacks I store in my desk.


I made it to the gym tonight but I must say the workout did not feel good andΒ for the first time in a very long time I felt crappy when I was done!! Unheard of! Perhaps I pushed my lead legs to hard.

Run Stats: 6.5 miles, 1 hour, Average Pace: 9:13 min/mil

Do you ever have off days at the gym?

My tummy ached but I knew I needed some re-fuel. My dinner was boooooooooooring butΒ  I didn’t want to put any effort into it as originally planned in my mind at work. I had some of the Stonemill Bakehouse Grains & Honey Bread. One slice had swiss cheese, another had margerine, and the last had Philadelphia light cream cheese mixed with strawberry rhubarb preserve. Veggies were needed so I added some baby carrots & radishes.

tuesday 002

Now as the title of this post suggests, I am stressed! I am trying my best to keep it under control. I am actually going to do a little research and include some great ideas on how to deal with it for all you lovely readers suffering from life-stress.

There are only two more daysΒ  to enter My First Giveaway!! Β πŸ™‚

Nightie Night!

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  1. I have off days, yes. I think it’s super important to let your body rest for at least one day to give it a break to prevent injuries and give your body some time off πŸ˜‰
    Your cinnamon bagels look really yummy!
    ❀ jess

  2. I had a HORRIBLE work out day today, but also noticed that I was just bored, bored, bored. Instead of trying to figure it out and find the WHY, though (which always makes me more irritated) I have been doing something else: COMFORT myself. I had a cantelope slushy afterward and my mood lifted. When I am trying to outperform myself, I don’t need another critic, I need “mom” nourishment: “you’ll do better tomorrow!”

  3. I had a HORRIBLE work out day today, but also noticed that I was just bored, bored, bored. Instead of trying to figure it out and find the WHY, though (which always makes me more irritated) I have been doing something else: COMFORT myself. I had a cantelope slushy afterward ( and my mood lifted. When I am trying to outperform myself, I don’t need another critic, I need β€œmom” nourishment: β€œyou’ll do better tomorrow!”

  4. I love those True Delight bars… Quaker really needs to work on their ingredients though… I’d buy more of their stuff if they did!

    That salad is still calling my name!

  5. Hello dear, sorry to hear you are stressed. I know that feeling well, of being completely overwhelmed and just waiting for everything to be DONE.

    Oh I definitely have off days when excercising. For me, that means bad runs and I’m bound to have a bad run at least once a week or so. It happens! The best thing though is at least you got it done and odds are it’ll be a while until the next one.

    I love your cinnamon raisin breakfasts. Have you tried PB&Co’s cinnamon raisin peanut butter? It sounds up your ally!

    Much love,

  6. ugh, I hate those off days!

  7. I hope your tum tum feels better! I often have “off” days working out. Sometimes our body just says “NO!”. But glad you refueled – I’m sure it’ll help πŸ™‚

  8. Great job for eating so healthily! I need to get back on track myself after a long Vegas weekend….. hope I can hop right back!

  9. I see a face smiling back at you in your bowl of oats. : -)

  10. I have off days a lot. My body is just tired. I try to take a rest day, once a week and sometimes more, but it doesn’t always help. I can be realllyy unmotivated sometimes! Haha!

    I always feel great when I’m eating healthy too. I overate yesterday – which has me feeling crappy today. It happens though. Got to keep plugging through, hey? πŸ™‚

  11. You HAVE eaten really healthy…but I think you always do!

    I lvoe that you had a big conversation with your friends. I have a small group of girlfriends thath I have had since 3rd grade. i love them and we dont get together nearly enough. i will have to try a big phone call!

    Sorry about all the stress! I hope things calm down and you are soon able to breathe a little bit!

  12. i had an off day yesterday and it really bothered me! haha
    have you tried the quaker banana, coconut macadamia bar? its heaven πŸ™‚

  13. Yum ,the pasta salad looks great. I love putting olives in my macaroni salads.

    I have friends that I’ve known for years and feel so close to no matter how long we go without talking. I love getting together for weddings because that’s when everyone comes together. My friends live all over the place; NY, Chicago,D.C, Cali, Colorado, Washington, it’s crazy!! Weddings are perfect to get everyone back together, laughing, and having fun.

  14. work till 9:30? I am not surprised you are stressed! at least you got an amazing sounding dinner πŸ˜€

    can’t wait to hear the stress handling tips…much needed!

  15. I could definitely use some stress relieving tips! I love your dinner!

  16. Those kind of friendships are the best! I love that you can just pick up like it was yesterday!

    Ugh I feel ya on the craziness!! So much is going on! That macaroni salad looks delicious! LOVE the toast combos πŸ™‚

    Stress relieving tips – turn on some calming music and just zone out, do sodoku/crosswords to switch your thoughts to something else, a strong drink?! πŸ˜‰

  17. ooohhh strawberry rhubarb preserves? yum! what brand do you use!

    stress tips? sleep, sing at the top of your lungs in the car, go for a run, talk to a friend, watch trashy tv…word jumbles are my fave!

  18. I have off days – almost every day!!! I’m not one who loves exercise, so seeing your “off” day made me chuckle – that would be me at my peak!!! You go!

  19. we all have our off days girlie — dont get down!

    hope you get some R&R gorgeous ❀

  20. I think it’s totally normal to have off days. Some days I feel like I have so much energy and can do anything. Other days just the thought of moving is more than I can handle! πŸ˜‰

  21. Those bars look delish! I will have to get some of those!

  22. I have off days at the gym every now and then. Most of the time I think it is due to not getting enough sleep.

    Hang in there and I hope today is less stressful.

  23. Sorry to hear you’re stressed. That was me yesterday. Sometimes things just come to a head. One of the best stress relievers for me is baking muffins (whole wheat muffins, of course) or taking a bath with a good book. Simple quiet time is the remedy for me. Good luck and feel better!

  24. Stress is the worst. Hang in there, and don’t let it get to you!

  25. I definitely have ‘off-days!’ they are SO needed! Sorry to hear you are stressed– hang in there!

  26. Hang in there and keep up that positive attitude! I know things seem hectic now, but you have to keep telling yourself that what you’re doing is in your best interests. I promise things will calm down soon and you’ll get into a more normal lifestyle! πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you’ve been staying healthy with the delicious eats! That pasta salad looks sooo good and summery!


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