Creature of Habit

Despite the dreary weather yesterday, I actually had a great day. I intended to post last night but I ended up going out with a friend to enjoy some girl-talk time, which was very much needed. I hope you guys had an awesome Saturday.

So after my rant yesterday about running, you’ll never guess what I gravitated toward yesterday afternoon shortly after posting? Yes, that’s right! I jumped on a treadmill and pounded out an excellent run! It just felt right and this is precisely what I was talking about. I need to feel it and not feel like I have to do it.

Run Stats (Saturday, June 20): 50 minutes, roughly 5.5-5.8 miles

I needed some healthy after that sweaty run so the first part of my lunch included a large salad which consisted of baby spinach, tomatoes, scallions, sweet corn, avocado, alfalfa spouts & beets tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.  It was really good!

sunday morning 001

I busted out the Stonemill Bakehouse Grains & Honey Bread and topped one slice with cheddar cheese and another with Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese & strawberry rhubarb preserves.


sunday morning 002

In the afternoon I indulged my sweet tooth with a Guiltless Gourmet Dessert Bowl Hot Chocolate Brownie. I picked a few of these up in the US the last time I was there. It was a great little snack and only 200 calories! The package comes with a bowl and powdered cake mix and icing. You add the cake mix to the bowl with a little water and then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It was perfect with a cup of coffee!

sunday morning 003

I may have added a few small scoops of Breyers Double Churn Neopolitan Ice Cream. 🙂






sunday morning 004

Later in the afternoon I took the monsters out for almost 2 hours! It was a nice, leisurely walk. They came come and passed right out after that long jaunt outside.

I had a “girl date” with my friend Mel. We had been meaning to catch up for a long time now but we both have demanding  jobs and a lot of life changes so it didn’t work out until last night. It was just so nice to have her to talk to and listen to. The ability and the proper outlet to say how you are feeling with someone who genuinely cares is amazing.  She’s a great friend. We hit up the Pickle Barrel at Yonge & Eg. The Pickle Barrel has the largest menu ever and there are so many wonderful choices! It was difficult but I finally chose the Avocado Turkey Club which is made with a wonderful multigrain toast.  Couscous was supposed to come on the side but the waiter decided to give me fries because they were fresh and really hot. Now normally  I would have been very upset by this because I try to eat as healthy as possible but I was actually in the mood for some good old fries. He must have seen it in my face. haha

sunday morning 005

The night wouldn’t have been complete with some alcohol consumption. I indulged in my old summer favourite: Smirnoff Ice. So refreshing.

Backstory on my love of Smirnoff Ice: The best summer of my life was during my 19th year. I was still in university at the time and I actually went back to my hometown for the summer to work and live with my parents. I got a job with the township working outside mostly cutting grass, painting, etc. and I was lucky enough to be working with some of my great friends. That was also the summer I got into some serious shape and was running outside daily- I had a kickass route! Anyway, we worked from 7am-3pm and every Friday at 3pm we would hit up the liquor store and ice cold Smirnoff Ice was usually my drink of choice- we’d stock up for the weekend. OOOH that first refreshing ice cold gulp early Friday evenings!! Memories of that stomach always create feelings of nostalgia. 🙂

What was your most memorable summer and why??

While at Yonge & Eg I also went to Chapters  because I LOVE books. I always want to buy all the books! haha This particular Chapters is quite large. I finally found myself in the Health & Fitness section and I FINALLY picked up 30 Day Shred DVD!! I also picked up Jillian’s Hot Bod in a Box after Sammie at Running with a Recipe gave it a glowing review. I haven’t checked either out yet but I definitely plan to later this afternoon!

sunday morning 006

I slept in today and it was so nice! I wasn’t hungry at all because I had a few snacks last night when I got home. I decided to hit the gym around noon and I had a sweaty, sweaty AMAZING workout!! Oh I love when sweat pours off me!! And it was literally pouring!

Workout Recap: one sweaty hour on the elliptical at levels ranging from 12 to 20. I burned over 725 calories. It was just so good!

Post- Workout:

sunday morning 008

sunday morning 009

Now I posted these post-workout photos to make the point that beauty is not just a made-up woman wearing the perfect outfit. Beauty is a feeling. I think this is fitting given Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful.

The creature of habit part: I re-fueled with a huge salad that looked a lot like yesterday’s except I had no avocado and I added cucumber, raisins & walnuts instead. Yum!

sunday morning 010

I also had some of the Stonemill Bakehouse Grains & Honey Bread: one topped with cheddar, one topped with peanut butter and one topped with light cream cheese & strawberry preserve. Repeat? Why yes! haha

sunday morning 011

Have a great afternoon! I have some things I need to take care of and I want to cook something delicious for dinner!

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  1. so glad a little workout action and girl talk was exactly what you needed to turn that frown upside down =)

    that guiltless gourmet bowl sounds too good to be true!

  2. mm those fries totally look like they were worth the splurge 😀
    and that guiltless bowl – amazing!

  3. Wow, you can top off at 20 on the elliptical! Your thighs must be steel by now! Way to go! I just started to increase my time on the elliptical from 30 to 45 minutes as I was getting too comfortable at 30.

    You look stunning in the post-workout photo w/ the naturally flushed cheeks!

  4. HOLY WORK OUT! That elliptical session sounds intense! I love your ‘best of both worlds’ toast combinations 🙂 A little sweet, a little savory!

    The best summer so far would be the summer before my senior year of high school – such a blast and I have so many memories from that time, living the carefree life and all!

  5. You are beautiful… you’ve got that exercise glow! 🙂

    That salad looks delish.

    My best summmer was the one before my senior year in college – it was before my husband & I were dating, but right when my friends were trying to bully us into liking each other. 😉 The funniest part is 3 of us agree that it was the best summer EVER… but my husband doesn’t! He says he felt like a fourth (?) wheel. When he confessed this I thought our friend Lynn was actually going to cry. 😉

  6. My best summer was my junior year of college. MY roomates and I had just moved into a new house and we had parties like every night. I was in serious shape and I was super tan because we laid out on our huge deck like everyday!! It was one of those summers I could never re-live in real life, but I will always remember!

    I love Guiltless Gourmet products, but I’ve never seen their desserts before. I buy their black bean chips and their hummus. The chocolate brownie looks great..I wonder why I’ve never seen it…interesting. I’ll keep my eyes pealed.

  7. Level 20??? Wow! You are gorgeous, by the way!
    Awesome eats!
    ❤ jess

  8. THe Pickle Barrel is by far one of my fav restaurants . I am so glad someone else knows what I am talking about! Their menu is amazing and I love how the ingredients just scream Fresh Fresh fresh!

  9. And you look wonderful – a nice natural blushing to your cheeks!

  10. Mmmm I want that guiltless dessert bowl please!! And the 30 day shred! I’ve heard great things!

  11. I’ve never seen or heard of the guiltless dessert bowl. Why the heck not?!?!

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