A is for Avocado

It’s Friday and it’s not raining! Fantastic! My day has been largely uneventful but sometimes this is preferred. No feathers ruffled. Under the radar, if you will.

My daytime eats were very boooooooring. I don’t even feel like re-capping them because it’s a re-run of the rest of the week and I have no photos. All I know is I need to diversify my breakfast and go back to preparing lunch the night before. I need to pull out my wonderful cookbooks and become re-inspired!

I got home early today after an appointment. I was nodding off on the train as I read my book. I knew this meant fatigue. I don’t fall asleep easily and I could have past out on the train. I did some cleaning when I got home to pump up my energy levels and took my babies out for a walk but I was still tired! The weeks long hours weighed heavy on my eyelids.

I really wanted to go to the gym but at the same time I wanted to curl up on the couch and sleep. Luckily I am stubborn as hell and I got my buttocks off the couch to face the condo gym and all its’ bright new shiny equipment. Can you guess how I felt afterward??? Awesome!!

Workout Re-Cap: 50 hard, sweaty minutes on the elliptical at levels ranging from 12 to 17!

I was dripping with sweat!! It was glorious!!

This is the exact badboy I was on. It’s different from the elliptical at the gym I belong to and I like it a lot!


Going to the gym was just a really smart idea and now I am sitting here feeling wonderful.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store afterward and by the time I got home I didn’t feel like putting a huge amount of effort into dinner.

I was in need of some veggies so that meant a massive salad. My very tasty salad included: mixed greens, spinach, diced tomatoes, sliced scallions, afalfa sprouts, avocado, blueberries, sweet corn & sliced beets tossed in Kraft Balsamic Vinagrette. It was one of the best salads I’ve made!

friday 004

I am an avid reader. And as you can see, I like healthy foods. As a result, I enjoy reading books on and health, nutrition & exercise. One of the beautiful books in my collection is “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth” by: Jonny Bowden. 


As the title suggests, the authors talks about the 150 healthiest foods on earth (well obviously according to him). The book is very thorough and the author goes into great detail as to how and why each food is good for you. The author even divides the book into sections like “fruits” and “grains” and “nuts, seeds & nut butters”.

Anyway, I brought up the book because I wanted to give a snippet of it by choose one of the wonderful foods I put in my salad and giving some detail as to what is said in the book.

“Avocados are an amazing food. But until recently, you’d never know it. Avocados were almost a casualty of the fat phobia that swept the nation back in the 1980s….

….yes, avocados are high in fat. But that fat is largely monosaturated fat, specifically oleic acid, an omega-9 fat….monosaturated fats actually lowers chlosterol….

….avocadoes also contain lutein, a valuable member of the carotenoid family that is a natural antioxidant and helps your eyes stay healthy while maintaining the health of your skin.”

That is just a small portion of what is said about avocados. It’s an excellent book- and I can guarantee you will love it simply based on the fact that you are reading this very blog. 🙂

While at the store, I also found an amazing new bread I had never had before: Stonemill Bakehoouse Grains & Honey with 11 Whole Grains. The bakery is here in Toronto and the ingredient list is something to smile about!! The first ingreident is whole grain wheat flour and it just gets better from there. AND- it tastes amazing!! I love bread. I topped one piece with cheddar and the other with a bit of butter. The grains & honey bread went really well with my delicious salad.

friday 005

It’s Friday and I am going to veg on the couch! Snack time! Ice Cream? Maybe! My Lancelot is on the other couch snoring! Yes, doggies snore too! haha

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Night Beauties!

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  1. Your salad definitely does look delicious! I always feel better after leaving the gym. Nothing like a good ol’ sweat sesh!
    ❤ jess

  2. Great salad! It’s so colorful and full of an eclectic mix of fruits and veg. I am such a fan of beets, great addition!

    I use an elliptical too. Lately I’ve been sweating a lot more, but I’m guessing it’s because it’s 91 degrees outside!! Of course the AC is always on full blast, but I think my body knows it’s actually hot, there’s no tricking it 🙂

    I’m putting a link to your give-away on tomorrow’s post!

  3. dang girl that is one awesome workout!!
    mm your salad looks awesome!
    you should buy 101 Foods that Will Save Your Life – it was really interesting!

  4. That book sounds great! And yes, avocados are pretty amazing! Full of lots of good fats, and they instantly improve the taste of whatever they are in!

    Haha – love the picture of the elliptical. The one at my gym looks kind of similar…! I never spend my whole session on the one piece of equipment, because it feels shorter to do 25 minutes on the bike and treadmill than 50 minutes on just the one. Silly hey? Oh well, whatever works hey!

  5. blah i have to be honest i just don’t like avocados 😦 I wish i did, they’re so great for you!!

  6. I love avocados. Thank God.

  7. blah i have to be honest i just don’t like avocados 😦 I wish i did, they’re so great for you!!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  8. Avocados really are wonderful- I’ve also taken to avocado oil recently, it makes for fantastic dressings and such!

  9. Love the salad! And I love nutrition books!

    I have really been trying to limit my saturated fat and instead have about 90% of my fats be healthy fats. Since I like eating fats instead of cooking with them I try to incorporate avocado, nuts/nut butter or olives into each meal. Good stuff.

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