Racing with the Rats

Let me try to make this short and sweet. 🙂 I hope your day was a good one. In order to ensure I get to bed at a decent hour, I will try to keep my food talk to the food I have photos of.

Firstly, thanks for all the wonderful recommendations of eccentric food I should try in response to my giveway! You definitely have some interesting ideas ladies! If you are just reading this, be sure to check out My First Giveaway!

Lunch was some of the wonderful Curried Green Chicken I made last night. It tasted even better today! I brought some for my friend/colleague but he went home ill and it still sitting in the fridge at work. He is a huge fan of green curry chicken so I really hope he comes in tomorrow so he could try my healthy take on an amazing dish!

Melissa's Fine Catering

Melissa's Fine Catering

The only photo of a snack I had was a the Clifs Chocolate Almond Fudge Bar. Now I am huge fan of Clifs products but I have to say I did not care for this flavour. Oh well- they have many other flavours I love so no harm done.

thursday 003


So tonight is/was a late night for me because I did my part by participating in the annual Scotia Bank 5K Rat Race. For those of you who have not heard of the Rat Race, it is basically an annual 5Km run through the downtown streets of Toronto. The twist is that those participating are corporate bankers/lawyers/ etc. The main (and very important) purpose of the whole event is to raise funds for The United Way of Greater Toronto. It is a commendable event a lot of money gets raised for all of the organizations supported by The United Way. To avoid doing The United Way injustice, I would highly recommend you check out their website to see just how many people and organizations they help our- everything from battered women to recovering addicts to recent immigrants. It’s really quite amazing. The investment bank I work for works very closely with The United Way and I always personally get involved. I figure that since my job takes up so much of my time, it’s the absolute least I can do to give back to my community. I really enjoy the atmosphere at The Rat Race as well because most people are not really runners and are so dedicated to giving to their community, that they will run 5km. People get into it with costumes and team shirts too.

5km race recap: I think I came in around 25:30. Not too shabby! It hurt. A lot! Running at 8pm at night is NOT fun and I was hungry. Oh well- it was for charity and worth every stitch in my side.

It was a late night dinner for me! I opted for an egg white omelette with mushrooms & scallions. I also had ww wheat toast- one with swiss cheese, one with pb, honey & preserves. Yum yum yum!!!

thursday 007

Enjoy your evening guys! It’s almost Friday!! YAY!

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  1. Your time is far from shabby! Congrats! What a cool race/cause!!!

    I dunno I think I’m over Clif bars the flavors just don’t do it for me anymore… now Z bars… those are still the love of my life!

  2. I think curries generally taste best the next day, hey? All the flavour infuses a little more… mmm! I hope your friend does come back to work soon so he can try the deliciosness!

    That run sounds like it was for a great cause. It justifies running so late, and while hungry 🙂

  3. congratz on running! workplace is sponsered by united way…if not for them..we would have NO funding 🙂

  4. My mom works for a United Way charity, they do great things! And awesome 5k time!!

    I don’t care for that clif flavour either. Guess we’re just chocolate snobs 😛

  5. Great job on the race! The curried green chicken looks great, and the Clif bar is a flavor I’ve never seen, I’l have to search for it! I love the combo of almond and chocolate, nothing beats it!

  6. sounds like a great time for a 5k to me!

    I didn’t like that flavour Clif much either- maple nut is my favourite!

    Have a great Friday!

  7. What an awesome race time, seriously. That is great.
    Dinner looks good…I love B for D!

  8. THe rat race sounds like a lot of fun (except for the 8pm deal) and United Way is great.

    WTG on your time! You Rock.

  9. Good job on the 5k! Thats fabulous 🙂 Always nice to run for a good cause! Love bfast for dinner mmmm. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. curries always taste best a day old 🙂 why, i don’t know! haha.
    love the Cliff bar too!
    great job at the race!

  11. hahaha! I love the name of that 5k run – Rat Race. Wicked.

    I should have totally entered. But then I’d be driving 80k to just to a 5k run, and 80k back home. Boo! We’re planning a trip to T-Oh in the next few weekends, because we have an AGO membership. Whoop whoop!

  12. hello ms. soulmate i was in united way last year =)

  13. Hi, just found your blog through Leah’s and am looking forward to reading more from you. Well done on the race!

  14. Way to go with the run!! That’s great!

    I’m a big Clif fan too but haven’t had that bar yet – thanks for the heads up 🙂

  15. Everything looks delicious as always. Have a great weekend!

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