Give-away!! Give-away!! Give-away!!

I couldn’t resist. I am announcing my giveaway today. But first, let’s talk about today…How was your day? Mine was alright. The weather is garbage so that kind of effects my mood but I still managed to have a decent day.

Breakfast was soooooo boring! I had my usual cinnamon raisin bagel & coffee. I kept it light because I wanted to hit the gym early in the day since the bosses were not in the office. We tend to take advantage of these situations. haha


I love, love, love going to the gym in the morning. My energy levels are nice ‘n high and the gym is often pretty vacant around 11am. I had a kickass workout today!!

Workout Recap:

20 mins run, 2.7 miles

10 mins bike at level 10, 3 miles

20 mins elliptical at level 5

10 mins bike at level 10, 3.45 miles


I finally brought my camera to work because I wanted to take a picture of my awesome plant named Bobby Banana. My colleague Kathy got it for me! It’s a type of cactus and it’s the coolest plant ever! Check it out guys!

Say hello to Bobby Banana!!

Say hello to Bobby Banana!!

I snapped a picture of my lunch too! I had Knorr Yellow Soup which contains sweet corn, carrots & yellow summer squash. I love this soup. I actually love all the Knorr Colourful Soups. They are so full of flavour! I highly recommend this line of soups.

my soup and my desk!

my soup and my desk!

My snacks this afternoon included a yummy in my tummy banana and a Melissa’s Bar of Love YouBar.

friday 005

Melissa's Bar of Love

Melissa's Bar of Love

I knew it was high time I cooked a great dinner from scratch. Yesterday I came across a recipe for Curried Green Chicken on I love It’s a website with a culmination of recipes from many publications including Cooking Light & Southern Living, among others. I highly recommend you check out the site. Let’s let the pictures do the talking:

mushrooms & onions

mushrooms & onions

chicken & coconut/green curry mixture

chicken & coconut/green curry mixture



mushrooms, onions & peas

mushrooms, onions & peas

all together now

all together now

 The final product is served with whole wheat couscous. I promise to post the recipe in my Recipe Box  this weekend. I highly recommend this recipe! It’s very, very tasty!!

wednesday 016


Have you ever used What successes have you had with recipes from the site?

Now on to the exciting part!! My First Give-away!!



Melissa’s Give-away

* Pink Headband &  my favourite Workout Socks from La Senza Spirit! (excited about this!)

* Stash Herbal Tea Sampler

* Smoothies & Desserts Cookbook Magazine

* President’s Choice Fair Trade Dark Chocolate from Peru

* Two Odwalla Bars: Choco-walla & Berries GoMega

* Two pkgs. of Planter’s Trail Mix

* Two Quaker’s True Delights: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond & Toasted Coconut Banana Macademia Nut

* Two Quaker’s Sweet & Salt Peanut Granola Bars

* Larabar Jocalat Cocoa Mint

*Oskri Coconut Bar


a) First entry: leave a comment here telling me what is the most eccentric food I should try and why.

b) Second entry: in your next post, mention my give-away and then let me know.

Winner will be announced next Thursday (June 25) via random draw.

What do you guys think of my first giveaway??

Have a great night!

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104 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. tryyyyyy alligator!! i tried it in az and it wasnt too bad!

    i linked back girl 🙂

  2. […] my new blog buddy, from Toronto Melissa over here is giving away a pretty healthy prize pack for her readers! I’m trying to enter into her draw […]


    I know. It sounds crazy, and I myself am a picky eater, and it’s honestly not as bad as it sounds. I’m originally from Newfoundland, sooo y’know – seafood runs in our blood I guess!

    Mind you. I haven’t had cod tongues since I was a kid. Not sure if I’d be so inclined to try it now! heehee.

    I totally just posted a blog entry right this moment for your giveaway. Yum!

  4. I’d love to try that tea!

  5. The most eccentric food? Hmmmmm…. maybe grasshopper or something like that. Ewwww…

    That is an awesome giveaway package, too!

  6. Wow, what kind of plant is Bobby Banana! He’s a crazy looking piece of greenery 🙂

    Great workout this morning. I like working out early too, but usually after the fact. I generally end up going to the gym in the evening as a result, except when I have a morning class.

    You curry chicken recipe looks amazing hun! It’s made me really hungry! I’ll have to try it 🙂

    Nice giveaway my dear! If I was in your hemisphere, I would totally participate!

  7. omg you should totally try Kabocca…the vegetable! I may not have spelled that right lol…

    linking back!

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome workout today…dinner looks delish, too!

    You should try savory oats (oats with eggs in them or non-sweet oats) if you haven’t yet!

  9. turduckin, have you ever heard of that? I hadn’t until I tried it…surprisingly good! hahah. love the giveaway!

  10. Oysters! I tried them the other night, fell inlove, and have had them 3 times now…their weird and delish! Yumm

  11. I love Bobby Banana! This is a super cool plant!

    I also love They have so many great recipes from all over but I love narrowing it down to cooking light and knowing what I’m getting myself into, nutritionally speaking. 🙂

    Great giveaway! Eccentric food… umm… I am the most boring eater ever. How about..peanut butter and pickle sandwiches? My hubby loves them.. i think it sounds disgusting. 🙂

  12. the curry looks great! I think you should try goat curry 😀

  13. Wow, that cactus is CRAZY! I commend you for doing an hour of cardio, I can barely do 30 minutes. I just need to get more motivated.

    The give-away looks fantastic. Eccentric foods? How about ostrich (tastes like chicken, but a little dryer), or venison hot dogs (I had my first last week, it was GREAT!)

  14. Awesome giveaway!! So many goodies!!! All things I can’t find around here too. I think you should try some dulse, ie seaweed. Have you ever tried it? It’s definitely something everyone needs to experience 😛

  15. Melissa, this is an amazing giveaway!!!! I will be linking back to you in my next post.

    And, you should try mangu!!! (Dominican mashed green plantains :-P)

  16. What a great giveaway!

    The most eccentric food I’ve tried is alligator. Tastes like chicken!

  17. I lLOVEEE bobby!! You should try puppy dog tails..

  18. Hmmm…I spent time in China and ate some PRETTY interesting things…

    So…if you get a chance, try quail egg. They’re, um, interesting and definiately eccentric.

    What a supa fun giveaway!

    • My vendors in China tried to get me to try some pretty crazy things, too! We had pigeon one night, which is just plain weird!

  19. Thanks for commenting on my blog – I am so glad I found yours!

    I just spent a year teaching in Thailand…so I could recommend some pretty eccentric things: fried bugs, som tam (spicy papaya salad – really good!) and fish balls (insert dirty joke here).

    Sooo excited for the giveaway!

  20. Durian fruit! Or….chitlins if you want to go carnivorous. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  21. If you haven’t tried corn salad/rapunzel, you should. It’s a delicious salad green that comes into season much earlier than other greens.

  22. Hey girl…I think your first give away is STELLARRRR… Love the pink headband!!
    I think the most eccentric food you should tryyyy…….haggis..muauahahah ..vegetarian haggis?? Eh..I hear it’s tasty 😛
    By the way I love that you named your plant lol

    I will post again TONIGHT and add your giveaway to that post 🙂

  23. try squirrels! they’re a delicacy in Britain! 😎

  24. Love the succulant! Too neat.

    Wow, lots of animals for you to try… I think you should try something that won’t harm an animal – seitan. 😉

  25. You should try peanut butter and pickle sandwiches!! I got my sister hooked 😀

  26. Whoa nellie!! That giveaway is like winning the lottery!! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog and that now I can add yours to may daily lists of reads. I’ll be sure to add the contest to my next post!

    I love! I’m going to do a post of an interview I did with one of their food editors soon. I am not a good enough cook yet to make too many meals sans recipe.

  27. Thanks for checking out my blog. I get a daily email from – I love the ideas and recipes I have gotten from them! As far as an exotic thing to try, the Asian market near me had silkworm larvae. That’s about as exotic as you could get and it would be quite the conversation starter! But something more resonable might be bison. It’s very lowfat and healthy. Anyway – your giveaway looks awesome – I’d love to be the lucky winner!

  28. The most exotic thing I ever tried was camel cheese, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest that lol.

  29. Thank you for checking out my blog!

    If you enjoy curry you should definitely try curry goat! It’s really good. I would compare the meat to lamb. It’s a hard dish to master but if you pop by a West Indian restaurant they usually have it on their menu!

    What an amazing contest! This is a great bunch of things for your first giveaway! Fantastic!

  30. Love the giveaway combo 🙂

    the most eccentric food you should LOVE is Sardines in a tin can!!

  31. Hi Melissa!

    First off – that’s a great looking plant! It wouldn’t survive a week with me 🙂 Great giveaway (I want those pink socks!)…. I’m a pretty plain eater though. Hmmm. My husband got me to try a (vegetarian) bacon & PB sandwich – it’s pretty good!

    Have a good day!

  32. Great loot! I’ll link back in my next post.

  33. great giveaway!

    I vote for those chocolate or caramel covered bugs, just because I’ve never even seen them to try them!

    that plant is super cool

  34. Awesome giveaway Melissa! I’m totally dying to try out that headband haha! I get sick of ponytails!

    Wow, I’d say to try out plantains. It’s somewhat like a banana, but it has a much sweeter taste. SO good!

    I’ll link back tonight!


  35. Bobby Banana is sooo cool!

    The eccentric food I think you should try is buffalo/bison. It’s a super lean meat and is delicious in a juicy buffalo burger. You can find them all over out West, otherwise you can order it online! It’s healthy and delicious!

  36. Try mussels (eccentric to me!). They are slippery and chewy. Def. an eccentric texture!

    I will link to your post tonight!

  37. Nice give a way stuff!

    I think you should try octopus!!

    I just saw on Iron Chef that was the secret ingredient. I wouldn’t have been able to touch it! Gross!

  38. I’ve noticed a lot of meat options, but I definitely think you should try something vegetarian! Not really as exotic as alligator or camel cheese, but it’s “exotic” to your diet, I suppose! 🙂

    Being healthy means you can step out of the box and think about food in a new and exciting way. Think simple like cooking veggies in a new and eccentric way! 🙂

  39. Thanks for checking out my blog!
    Your giveaway looks great 🙂

  40. […] out Melissa’s First Giveaway at For the Love of Health! She has a super cute […]

  41. yay for your first giveaway! Umm eccentric food.. how about my sweet potato/peanut butter combo?? lol

  42. Hmmm I am not very good with eccentric foods!!! But I tried raw milk cheese for the first time this month and I liked it!

    What a great giveaway btw!!!!

  43. […] Check out Melissa’s giveaway! […]

  44. Cool giveaway! Eccentric food? hmm.. Saltine crackers and mayo? I use to eat it as a kid!

  45. […] Firstly, thanks for all the wonderful recommendations of eccentric food I should try in response to my giveway! You definitely have some interesting ideas ladies! If you are just reading this, be sure to check out My First Giveaway! […]

  46. […] from For the Love of Health is giving away some great stuff, including a pink headband. Melinda from Fit and Fabulous is giving away healthy-food coupons. If you’ve really wanted […]

  47. Eccentric…weird….same thing right?!?!? :o) My fav is whole wheat pita bread filled with turkey, cream cheese, and smucker’s strawberry jelly. It’s seriously THE BEST!!! he he. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!

  48. Oh wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to try those eats and that headband is JUST what I need! Okay okay on to the most eccentric food you should try…How about snails?! I have seen people eat them but I have never gotten up the courage! Anything for the blog world, right!? haha! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  49. this is an amazing giveaway and you should try spicy savory oat, i dont know much eccentric foods. but savory/spicy oatbran is great!

  50. i linked it

  51. Woot! Such a great giveaway! So many good items!

    As far as eccentric food, it seems that healthy food and food that you cook at home is most people’s idea of eccentric these days.

  52. This give away is one of the best i’ve seen!! Ok, without looking at any of the comments above- so i’m not influenced, AND using my “english roots” – which I really have none at all since I am not English, but I like to pretend!…… you should try “Toad in the Hole” !!!

    It’s basically pastry meets sausage.
    Don’t worry, i’m sure you can make it with veggie sausage!

    Here is a photo!

    And here is the description:
    “It’s a simply wonderful creation from the humble origins of British cooking. If only you could order it in a restaurant, though. Can I persuade anyone? It is, after all, a sort of fusion food – a fusion of light, crispy, crunchy batter and plump, meaty pork sausages, all moistened with a generous amount of roasted-onion jus.”

    Here is a recipe!

    Make it veggie if you want!!
    I’ll be linking in my next post!

  53. Here’s my link:

  54. […] out Melissa’s blog for a GREAT giveaway.  There are so many fun products in […]

  55. Aww! I would enter but I can’t eat most of the prizes. Great giveaway, though!

  56. You should try paw paw – a fruit I’ve been hearing a lot about lately but not tried myself.

  57. I linked back to you Melissa! 🙂

  58. Eccentric Food? I would say frog legs! Haha 🙂
    Thanks so much for this giveaway! It’s amazing!
    ❤ jess

  59. Oh wow! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to try those eats and that headband is JUST what I need! Okay okay on to the most eccentric food you should try…How about snails?! I just watched a Gilmore Girls yesterday when they cooked snails after their trip to France! It was hilarious and I got to thinking about how gross that must be….but maybe not?! Hey,anything for the blog world, right!? haha! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  60. Oh! And I linked back in my post last night!


  61. Great giveaway sweetie!

    BTW, that is one funky looking cactus! VERY COOL!

    Hmm, the most eccentric food you should try….I think you should try chia seeds if you haven’t already. Who knew the same thing that makes a chia pet could be so delicious?!

    Have a great day!

  62. I think you should try making seaweed soup, its common in asian cooking, and is delicious and nutritious!

  63. Have you tried foi gras? I’m from Chicago where it was actually OUTLAWED for a while, and then people threw a fit so they brought it back haha. I didn’t think it was anything worthwhile, but people rave about this stuff!

  64. Oh and I’m going to add you to my blogroll if thats ok! 🙂

  65. duriaN!!! its a tropical fruit that looks like porcupine. greenish yellow thorny skin with creamy flesh inside. similar to the texture of avocado. WARNING:this fruit stinks! but ince you get pass the smell u will totally love it!.

  66. […] the Love of Health has a pretty nice spread up for grabs, […]

  67. I love your plant- SO SO cool. mmmm I haven’t had many “odd” foods. What about biscon? Its actually rather tasty

  68. it! you’ll know what i’m talking abt!

  69. Wow, what a super generous & amazing giveaway!
    For your eccentric eat, I propose something totally decadent and gastronomic! How about a deep-fried Twinkie!

  70. I love your first giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity. You should try spinach and carrots on your PB&J sand!

  71. Hmmmm…I would say raw goat cheese! Thats eccentric, right?! Well, if not, is IS yummy!

  72. […] LOTS of awesomeness (including tea, cookbooks, bars + some) will be won by one lucky reader at For the Love of Health! […]


    booyah – shout out to For the Love of Health!

  74. New to your blog but I was going to say that the most eccentric food you should try should be the stinky fruit Durian.Since it’s already been mentioned I will say Kimchi
    Will defintely post about your contest in my next entry and let you know 😉

  75. Hmmm….eccentric food….try using juniper berries in a marinade for a pork!

  76. […] Check out the awesome give-away at for the Love Of Health . Some yummy goodies and my personal fav the PC Fair Trade Chocolate. […]

  77. You should try goat because it’s DELICIOUS!

    Excellent giveaway!

  78. […] Don’t forget to enter My First Giveaway!! […]

  79. I grew up eating umeboshi plums. Sometimes we ate them as is, and sometimes my stepdad cooked them with the rice to sweeten them up. Otherwise they’re so sour they make your mouth pucker just thinking about it. I love them though! They’re supposed to be good for your digestion and combat fatigue. If you’ve never tried them, I highly recommend it!

  80. Thank you

  81. Seaweed is great – high in minerals and adds a seafood-y taste to vegetarian dishes. I like nori and kombu.

  82. I also linked to your giveaway here:

  83. i think you should DEFINITELY try century eggs with silken tofu topped with vegetarian oyster sauce. It’s one of my FAVORITE Chinese comfort foods and everything about it screams good for ya!!! It’s sooo yummy, flavorful, and takes 1 minute to make. 🙂 As long as you’re not too creeped out about a black-colored egg!

  84. I love that plant you have! It’s some type of succulent. I wish I could remember the name of it. My grandmother used to have it. It’s related to a similar plant called Hens & Chicks.

    Hm, what eccentric food should you try? My husband and I were talking earlier today while watching the Food Network about wanting to try ostrich meat. It’s supposed to be red meat but very lean.

    smalltownbeatnik at g mail

  85. […] and don’t forget to enter My First Giveaway!! You have until Thursday! Published […]

  86. […] Melissa is giving away a ridiculously loaded prize package over at For the Love of Health. I highly suggest that you go enter her contest as me […]

  87. So I’m a new reader….
    Ok, and for a eccentric food that you should try, definetely have to say…pluots! They are a mix between a plum and an apricot, and are really juicy and absolutely delish! 🙂

  88. The most exotic food? Hmmm. . . I vote seaweed, which I love.

  89. You should try pretzels and cream cheese or fried plantains. Both are delicious! Great giveaway!

  90. […] Melissa over at For the Love of Health is having an amazing giveaway! Check it […]

  91. An eccentric food? Have you had rattlesnake? I hate to use the cliche but it really does taste like chicken!

    And I added a link to your giveaway to my latest post! 🙂 Here it is:

  92. awesome giveaway!!!
    eccentric food? mmmm….. kabocha? white fungus? I think they’re pretty normal for me, but maybe not for you, so maybe you should try them! 🙂

  93. Try snake. Just because the skin is so weird and crunchy (I imagine).

    Or this:

    because it looks funny and apparently tastes weird! (Yay!)

  94. also i linked back

  95. I am a pretty much stick to what I know type person but recently I did have the opportunity to try banana sauce. it is an aquired taste.

  96. […] 8:14 pm Filed under: Uncategorized I keep forgetting to mention this, but be sure to check out Melissa’s (from For the Love of Health) giveaway.  It is seriously a smorgasbord of delightful items!  The […]

  97. This giveaway is awesome!! Please enter me!

    Eccentric food? I think wheat grass is eccentric but I love it!

  98. […] There are only two more days  to enter My First Giveaway!!  🙂 […]

  99. Your giveaway is very generous. Here’s my eccentric food…and you’re going to hate me for tarnishing your blog….Spotted Dick! It’s an English bread pudding with raisins that HEINZ makes. You can find it in the European aisle at Metro.

  100. frog legs. or rambutan.

  101. […] addition, today was SUPPOSED to be the day of the draw for My Giveaway BUT I will give everyone one more day to enter AND I will be back tomorrow with a detailed post AND […]

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