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Hey friends! Saturday treating you well? I spent a lot of time cleaning the crib (gangsta girl). Not only do I love the end product but I am also one of those (sick) people who actually enjoys the process of cleaning. I think it allows me to clear my mind and focus. I FINALLY started purging some clothes. Guys, I have a ridiculous amount of clothes. It’s sick. I am not exaggerating. I’d take a picture but I’m too embarassed to even do that. On the bright side: I haven’t purchased clothing in months!

Cleaning makes one hungry so I munched the afternoon away. Snack breaks are always welcome with me.

Here are all of the goods (I think I photographed everything):

Blue Menu Wheat Crackers with strawberry preserves, pb, honey & Nutella

Blue Menu Wheat Crackers with strawberry preserves, pb, honey & Nutella

President  Choice's Chocolate Granola  & Bear Naked Granola

President Choice's Chocolate Granola & Bear Naked Granola

ย I sipped on Bolthouse Bom Dia Acai & Blueberry Juice during the afternoon. It was excellent! The nutrition is pretty good but I expected better. The taste is phenomenal!



Leah sent me a very sweet note about my blog and she mentioned that I never say anything negative about what I eat, no matter what it is. (It was a kind note). Anyway, she cited the example of pretzels & Diet Coke which made me crave pretzels & Diet Coke which led to me eating pretzels & Diet Coke. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love Rold Gold

I love Rold Gold

Me advertising for Diet Coke

Me advertising for Diet Coke

I had some nutrition too, don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚

an entire mango

an entire mango

sugar snap peas

sugar snap peas

I also had some random squares of chocolate because that’s how I roll.

Now on to how freakin’ stubborn I am. So after saying I wasn’t going to the gym and I was going to lay low and just clean, I gave in and went. Yes, I am crazy and don’t desire rest. Part of the reason I wanted to go was because my condo gym was recently stocked with brand new quality equipment- they revamped everything! As you know, I belong to a gym near my work but I like to use the gym here in my condo on weekends if I don’t run outside. The equipment is so nice! Is it sad that new gym equipment gets me excited?? haha

Workout Re-Cap: 45 minutes on the elliptical (this elliptical is very different from the one in my gym but I enjoyed it. I did intervals and cranked up the resistance- 45 minutes flew by and I could have easily spent hours on it. I definitely don’t burn as much as I do on a run but I enjoyed it.)

I was a chef in my kitchen for dinner. I am all about seasoning things overnight or longer. The feature tonight was ribs I had seasoning for two nights and chicken I had seasoning overnight. The ribs weren’t for me but being the chef, I had to try them!

The ribs were seasoned in a mixture I created myself that included: four different types of BBQ sauce, honey, soy sauce, ketchup & spices. I cooked the ribs at about 200 degrees for roughly 3 hours. I did increase the temperature to about 300 degrees for the last hour. The end product was amazing. Better than anything you can get in the best rib restaurant.



Now the chicken was simply seasoned with diced up garlic in a Ziplock bag. I put the garlic chicken in my slow cooker with vegetable broth & spices and cooked it on a low heat for 3 hours. I then dumped the chicken in a Pyrex dish and stuck it in oven for less than an hour to golden it up. Soooooooooooooo tasty! Wow! I am damn good.

saturday night 010

I steamed some broccoli and had the last of my zucchini, sweet potato & green beans on the side.

saturday night 012

I alsoย made a salad with mixed greens, scallions, tomatoes, sweet orange peppers, alfalfa sprouts, sugar snap peas & blueberries tossed with raspberry vinagrette. What a lovely, perfect meaty meal. I am not a huge meat eater but it’s nice to get some in once in awhile.

saturday morning 011

Well I think I will just lay on the couch for the remainder of the evening.ย I wouldn’t mind going out and socializing but all of that cleaning made me tired!

What is your idea of the perfect Saturday evening?

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  1. Good job gettting all that cleaning done, and a work out, AND a delicious meal (that salad looks AMAZING) after it all! I definitely need to do some cleaning, my room and bathroom come first to mind..

    Hope you enjoyed your relaxation on the couch, you’ve earned it!

    A perfect Saturday evening for me = friends, movies, tea, candles, a book, and sleep. In that order.

    Much love,

  2. I agree – absolutely amazing dishes. I don’t even dare tackle homemade ribs, but you make it seem so easy. Thank you for the simplicity of the recipe!

    For the chicken, did you need to put in the oven or would it have been Ok to let it sit in the slow cooker for an extra hour (total of 4h). If I were to make something like this, I don’t think I would enjoy having to do the transfer (because I’m lazy like that).

    So, is it kinda cool in Toronto? Baked chicken and ribs doesn’t seem quite like the right foods for the start of summer. It’s oddly cool in Northern California for this time of year. So, I might have one more opportunity to use the oven before it gets hot.

  3. Woot for pretzels and diet coke!! Seriously, who wants to be good all the time? B-oring. The best treats are the ones we don’t feel guilty about, no matter what they are!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ohmy, I haven’t had red meat in a looong time, but I am drooling over those ribs right now. Think they’ll hold up in a Canada Post parcel? ๐Ÿ˜›

    My perfect Saturday evening is dinner with the boy, followed by some walking, recreational shopping, and then a beer at home and a funny movie ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoyed yours!!!

  4. I def. agree with Leah – i love that you don’t knock some foods that you eat.. i know a lot of bloggers tend to say *diet coke is awful for you* or.. *You shouldn’t eat soy* and then it makes other bloggers feel GUILTY for having a diet coke or some soy.. i don’t know about you but ive never heard of anyone dying from a couple diet sodas or soy milk.. right?!

  5. ^ Yep, I agree with Jenny. That is one of the reasons why I always come back to your blog because I appreciate that you eat what the heck you want yet you work out.. totally balances itself out!

  6. Going to workout (especially something new) makes me excited too.

    I think life is too short to regret food choices, so I have to agree with Leah – it’s great that you don’t bash your food…. because really, in the end, you would just be bashing yourself.

  7. Please come and cook me dinner lol??? It all looks SO GOOD!!

    I’m more of the type who likes to stay in, so my perfect Saturday night might be dinner with friends with some wine and a good movie ๐Ÿ™‚

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