I can be such a gramma sometimes..

Ladies and gentlemen- I went to bed at 10pm last. Yes, that’s 10pm on a Saturday night! Truth be told my monthly friend knocked me on my bum and I was genuinely exhausted. I think it was  good choice because I woke up this morning well rested.

Last night I had an excellent dinner! Friday night I seasoned some chicken drumsticks with a few types of barbecue sauce, honey, and soya sauce. I also used some garlic and seasalt spices. I highly recommend overnight seasoning for any type of meat. It really, really adds to the taste. I also baked the chicken for three slow hours. It falls off the bone this way and tastes perfect. On the side I had Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Long Grain & Wild  Rice. This rice is perfect if you are in a hurry because all you have to do is stick it in the microwave for a minute to warm it up! I obviously prefer making something from scratch but I wasn’t in the mood to spend an hour in the kitchen. I also used some more of the sweet corn on the cob. Very goooooooood!

perfect dinner

perfect dinner

I also had a bowl of vanilla ice cream. No picture sorry! 🙂

This morning has been eventful. The doggies were long overdue for a bath and boy do they HATE it. I don’t understand their pure disdain. Since the monsters are not small you literally get a workout bathing them- one at a time. haha I am tiiiiiired as I type this because not only do you get a workout from washing them, there is plenty to clean up afterward. I still would like to go for a run this afternoon. Normally I go first thing but I am glad I stalled to wash the hairy monsters.

Before bath time, I made an excellent breakfast of pancakes and a beautfiul bowl of fruit: sweet juicy canteloupe, blueberries, and raspberries…

sunday 005

fruit bowl

fruit bowl

I also had two of these juicy, sweet apricots when I first woke up. When I first bought them I actually had to throw the first one I ate into the garbage because it was bitterly sour. They ripened nicely over the week! Yum!

sunday 003

I hope you enjoy Sunday! I’ll be back later!

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  1. I am such a grandma too ..complete with early bed time and prunes! ah well, i love it 🙂 glad i’m not alone!

  2. Hmmmm that breakfast looks HEAVENly! Now I want pancakes 🙂 What types of dog do you have?? 🙂

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