666 Calories…

….the number of calories I burned on my run this afternoon. Do we have any superstitious ladies and gentlemen out there? What does this mean? 🙂

I am feeling REALLY good as I sit here on my couch munching lunch and typing this post so the run was just what I needed! Oh how I adore outdoor runs!  It is supposed to rain today so it is nice and cool= perfect run weather!

Run Stats: 6.24 miles, 50 minutes, Average Pace: 8 min/mil

My hunger pretty much showed up right after my run. I showered first because I managed to sweat up a storm. Sticking with the “eat what you crave” mantra, my lunch needed a hefty serving of veggies.

Do you sometimes just crave healthy foods (with the same intensity you crave chocolate)?

The easiest way to get a bunch of veggies: a large salad! My salad included: baby spinach, sweet yellow pepper, alfalfa sprouts, half a tomato, scallions, raw sunflower seeds and raisins tossed with raspberry vinagrette. MMMMMMMMMM!

coloured goodness

coloured goodness

I wanted even more veggies so I chopped up some of the gigantic carrot I had, threw some sugar snap peas on my plate, and chopped up the remainder of the sweet yellow pepper I had. Oh boy I did I need some peanut butter. The peanut butter craving allowed for me to open up the new President’s Choice Blue Menu Wheat & Sesame Crackers. I also opened up one of my favorite jars of strawberry preserves: Bonne Maman. My friend Mel introduced me to this product. She said she ate it all of the time when she was living in Europe. It’s really very good. Yet again, another very satisfying lunch.

sunday lunch 002

I have a few things I need to take care of this afternoon and then some scheduled relaxation time. I also wouldn’t mind cooking and baking.

Have a great afternoon!

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  1. Great run! Hehe… I’d say that you burned an extra couple of calories thinking about the ‘666’ number so no superstition needed!

    LOVE the Bonne Maman preserve- I live in the UK and it’s the only one I buy.

    I definitely have a lot of cravings for ‘healthy’ foods- all day today I have wanted peas (I don’t even LIKE pease but they appeal right now!) and I crave spinach and roasted vegetables a lot too. Though I also crave french toast and burritos too 😛

  2. I LOVE Bonne Maman preserves. It’s absolutely the only brand I buy anymore, ever since the BF introduced it to me a few years back (and it’s one of the only brands these days that doesn’t include corn syrup of any kind). The flavor is just SO good. I seriously (seriously!) have four jars in my fridge right now: Strawberry, Raspberry, Four Fruits, and Blackberry. HOLLA!

  3. I love that mantra. I do indeed crave healthy foods often, every once in a while I crave them more than chocolate! I love to look at everyone’s blogs because they all make healthy foods that makes me crave healthy foods… you know? The pictures are all so wonderful and then I want to eat some too!!

  4. congrats on an awesome workout, Melissa =)

  5. What a great run Melissa! I just love the feeling I get after I have a long workout.

    Hooray for eating what you crave. Loving the peanut butter and crackers… gotta love those nut butter cravings!

    Enjoy your relaxing evening!

  6. I totally crave healthy foods!! Most of all when I’ve had a few busy days where I haven’t been able to eat as well as I’d like! 🙂

    And woah – you run FAST!! I’m majorly impressed 😀

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