Eat What You Crave

Today has been very low-key due to my monthly visitor. She knocked me out this morning! When I say low-key, I mean I chose to stay in and work around the house rather than go out and socialize.

I firmly believe you should eat what you are craving or incorporate it somehow into your meal. My lunch was a medley of a bunch of cravings.

I had some sweet corn on the cob  in the fridge and I knew I wanted some. I also found some frozen cauliflower and thought cheesy goodness! Oddly enough, I wanted peanut butter and strawberry jam too so I pulled out some Kashi 7 Grain Crackers. Here is the end result:

yummy lunch

yummy lunch

Having two doggies, cleaning the floors becomes a daily event. Today I decided to get thorough and pulled out my Little Green Carpet Cleaner. There isn’t a lot of carpet: an area rug in the living room and carpet in the bedroom. However, this carpet cleaner is a necessity! I spent almost two hours cleaning the floors. They look AMAZING!!

While cleaning, I had a snackfest:

Melissa's Bar of Love YouBar

Melissa's Bar of Love YouBar

Baked Lays- yum

Baked Lays- yum

Not pictured: frozen yogurt, handful of Jelly Belly’s, and 2 cookies. Damn monthly visitor!!

What are you up to this evening?

I will probably lay low because feelin’ the bloat from the monthly readjustments. haha

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  1. sorry aunt flow is weighing you down girlie ;)!

  2. I totally agree that it’s so important to listen to your body and eat what you crave! Haha, perfect example at lunch! 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better soon… that time of month is definitely not the most fun.


  3. man! what a lovely mix and match of things! love the cheese and crackers!

  4. It’s so much better to eat what you crave than to deprive yourself… Otherwise you’re just eating one thing wishing you were eating another! Ya know?

  5. I had cheese and crackers yesterday and it was all thanks to you! You make it look so good..and it is!

    Nice work on the clean carpets!!

  6. Eek, hate that time of the month! You have my deepest sympathies, girlie. But I will say that I LOVE seeing and making exactly-what-you-crave meals. They’re always such a weird mix of foods–so interesting! AND they always hit the spot. Mmmm, totally delicious (and strange). 😉

  7. Okay, I think that lunch looks absolutely delicious!! Is it weird that I don’t think it’s weird at all? 😛 Some days I’m just craving too many things for a meal so I end up with snack plates of my own. They’re the best, you get to munch and nibble on a bunch of different goodies. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  8. Your lunch looks so beautiful! Laying low because of the monthly visitor always works for me…so annoying. Tonight I am proctoring an exam, making another batch of ice cream, then catching up on some shows that are tivo’d (that’s not a word, I know). Have a good one!

  9. wow totally envious of how you were able to still eat healthy regardless of your friend visiting, lol!! I HATE the munchies with her around it’s always a guilt trip for me, but you did great satisfying all your wants at lunch and having a fairly balanced meal at in one swoop!! Good JOB 🙂

  10. I gotta say I love keeping it low-key 🙂 Your dinner looked adorable!! I also believe in eating what you crave 🙂 There’s so much yummy stuff out there, I don’t see why I should force myself to eat broccoli when what I really want is asparagus! 😉

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