So are you with me on the Reduction in Nighttime Snacking Challenge? I thought reduction was a better word than
elimination because an all or nothing plan generally leads to failure. My first disclaimer is that I think you
should absolutely create a plan that will work for you but below I have laid something out and perhaps you would
like to do exactly as I will or alter it a little. It is definitely important to lay out a plan because concrete
goals aid in success. After I lay out a plan, I want to discuss some of the issues/ideas surrounding
(over) snacking because I believe knowing the root cause and suggesting way to deal with it helps in correcting the problems. **note this does not have to be limited to nighttime snacking- perhaps you are daytime over-snacker**

Reduction in Nighttime Snacking Challenge Overview

*Reduce the occurrence of nighttime snacking to once a week to incorporate the idea that a nighttime snack is a
treat. Pick the night at the beginning of the week.
*Pick out something you have been craving to have for the snack night. Make sure it is something you really love. Also make sure it occurs on a night you are actually hungry.
*Plan out your days better in order to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition throughout the day and avoid
getting hungry at night
*Ensure you are drinking enough fluids throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. *sometimes you are simply
thirsty when you are reaching for food*
*Always eat intuitively

There are so many issues surrounding snacking too much. If you are like me, evening snacking can turn into a spiralling
event- a slippery slope-type adventure.

It is important to always be conscious of what you are eating and know whether you are hungry by using your intuition.
You should never eat mindlessly or for any other reason other than being genuinely hungry. Easier said than done,
you say? I would have to agree as I likely would not have this challenge if I always ate intuitively.

Let’s talk about someone we probably all see within and may be the root cause of your nighttime snacking: The
Emotional Eater.
You eat because you are sad. You eat because you are happy. You eat because you are bored.You eat
because you are upset. You eat because you are lonely. You eat because you are mad. You eat because you feel overwhelmed.
You eat because you are nervous. You eat because you are feeling insecure. I could go on and on.You get the idea. It’s so important
to identify if you are eating because you are trying to meet some emotional need rather than out of hunger.
Recognition is the first step. There are other (amazing ways) to deal with your emotions.I’ll make some suggestions later.
You can do this! You can become an intuitive eater. Ultimately, I believe, the ability to eat intuitively will
boost self-confidence and make you a happier person.

Michelle at Lucky Taste Bud just posted an AMAZING reflection (Why You “Emotional Eat” ) on Roger Gould’s Book “Shrinking Yourself- Break Free From Emotional Eating Forever” .I highly suggest you take a look at it. One point I took from her wonderful review
to include here: over-snacking “is not a sense of powerlessness over food BUT a deeper experience of powerlessness.”

Before I go on, if you are using you are using your intuition and you are actually hungry, you should DEFINITELY
have a snack. I am not promoting starvation. I am promoting listening to your senses and eliminating mindless
nighttime eating
. I do however suggest you choose a healthy snack if you do require a night time snack.
Make a list of healthy options for nighttime snack. Choose one when the hungry creeps up on a given evening. Do not open the
fridge and move from one thing to the next.

List of Healthy Snack Options

* A piece of fruit
* A bag of Smart Pop popcorn
* A fruit juice popcicle
* Whole grain crackers & peanut butter (portion controlled)
* Frozen Yogurt with Calcium (portion controlled)
* A salad
* A small bowl of healthy cereal
* Cottage Cheese & Fruit
* A piece of Whole Wheat Toast with your favourite nut butter
* Two squares of dark chocolate
Now there are many ways to combat mindless munching. Let me draw up a list for reference. Yours may be slightly
different but perhaps it will inspire you to draw up your own list (I highly suggest you do).

Ways to Combat Mindless Munching

* Drink a glass of water or tea to determine whether you are actually hungry- chances are you are not if you are
eating a well-balanced diet throughout the day
* Plan some nighttime activity like a leisurely walk or a swim
* Take a glorious bubble bath- indulge lady!
* That hobby you have? Bring it out! I LOVE to scrapbook and it’s a great way to spend an hour or two
* Do some chores like put those piles of laundry away
* Indulge in some of your favorite shows and a specialty cup of herbal tea- there are some amazing kinds out there
* Read, read, read! Books are amazing. Period.
* Get those much desired Zzzzzzz’s. We all go to bed too late generally. Go to bed early or on time.

It’s also very important to deal with the emotional problems that may be effecting your eating. We are all different and have different ways to deal with this. The point is you should deal with them. Talk to a family member or a friend or perhaps a professional. It’s amazing how talking about it can really help.

I don’t want to offend the men (if there are any) that read my blog so disregard the next few comments.

We are powerful, strong women and we can do whatever we put our mind to!

Mary Wollstonecraft: “I do not wish them to have power over men, but over themselves.”
Washington Urving: “There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad
daylght of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.”
Janis Joplin: “Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got”

Don’t forget to post amazing thoughts/comments/ideas! 🙂

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  2. I just found your blog. I think the challenge is a great idea! I could benefit from cutting out some night time snacking. Can’t wait to read more.


  3. Re: our name 😉

    I prefer not to have my name shortened. One previous co-worker called me Mel, which didn’t bother me coming from him. My brother calls me Meliss. Some other family members call me sis.

  4. I really should hop on the bandwagon… Lately I’ve been so busy that my entire meals consist of snacks!!! I think I will really make an effort to watch it. I mean, I REALLY don’t want all of my hard work to go out the window!

  5. […] am going to back to my Reduction in Nighttime Snacking Challenge tomorrow for sure if anyone wants to join […]

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