Rediscovering Ketchup

I forgot how truly tasty tasty ketchup is! I do realize the traditional Heinz Ketchup is high in sugar. Perhaps you can recommend a homemade recipe or a organic brand with less sugar??

Ketchup was the centre of my dinner simply because I wanted it to be. I found a sweet potato in my fruit/veggie dish and chopped the beauty up into strips to make sweet potato fries! I threw them on a  baking sheet that I sprayed with Pam cooking spray. Is it obvious that sweet potato fries are my new favourite find?

What is your new favourite dish you recently discovered?

The rest of my dinner involved a chicken breast that I grilled on the stove top. I shredded it and added ketchup and BBQ sauce. It was essentially the pulled chicken I made on Friday sans the bun. 🙂 I loved this meal!



This afternoon I snacked on a product I had picked up in the US the last time I was there: Orville Redenbacher Natural Buttery Garlic PopcornGreat things about this product: it comes in individualized snack-sized bags, it has a wonderful great taste, and it’s natural and organic!

awesome product

awesome product

Don’t forget to check out my Reduction in Nighttime Snacking Challenge!!

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  1. oh….ketchup! don’t get me started on that! I used to be OBSESSED with ketchup…I ate it with EVERYTHING….even choc chip cookies! but my fav is carrot sticks and ketchup…
    I just discovered oat bran, and LOVE it so much I have it for dinner everyday with PB!

  2. I just discovered sweet potato fries recently as well but I always buy a frozen bag. You make it seem that they’re easy to make at home.

    Did you microwave your potato first or did you just chop and tossed in the oven? And how long were they in the oven?

    My worry is that it will take forever to bake them from a fresh potato.

  3. I adore sweet potato fries! I don’t think I can ever get sick of homemade fries. Yummm.

  4. sweet potato fries are so yummy!

    I use Greenwise’s Organic ketchup. I don’t know if they have a Greenwise/Publix where you live but if you do you should check it out!


  5. ketchup is yummy. I buy organic ketchup from my local grocery store. I recently rediscovered my love of salsa and I eat it with almost everything now!

  6. haha i always OD on ketchup for sure!!!!! its just so good 🙂

  7. Hi girlie! I LOOVE those sweet potato fries but mine are always huge slabs cuz i can’t find a way to cut them into thin strips with my low-tech kitchen equipment paired with my crappy chopping skills. hahahaha

    I just read your mindless eating post and it’s SO exciting to see that my post was somewhat helpful to this world! THANK YOU for the shout out. I love what you had to add to it! That you’re not promoting starving yourself, but listening and KNOWING why you’re stuffing that food into your mouth. 🙂

  8. I love ketchup too! I dont have nearly enough of it to feel bad about the sugar content either.. I just like a little of the real stuff from time to time! 🙂

    Sweet potatoes are great! Its no wonder they are your new favorite!

    I love your nightime snacking challenge and post! So many great thoughts.. I am defintely an emotional eater. I’m not normally a big snacker unless the emotions take over and I become unaware of what I am even doing! Great idea!

  9. Oh and about your hair question? When you say “naturally speaking” Do you mean you would like an all natural product to try? Like a brand?

    Pureology products are amazing and they are as close to all natural as professional products get. I would go with one that is hydrating.. like their hydrate shampoo/conditioner. Aveda products are also natural and great, but only Aveda sells them so I’m not personally too familiar with them. Another product I would use if I were you would be some kind of curl defining cream. Thats just a styling product you put in when its damp and it helps your curls be more defined and smooth instead of frizzy or unruly. Let me know if you thats not what you meant at all..haha. You can email me too if you want!

  10. I found ketchup a good marinate sauce for baked tofu! 🙂
    and of course, the best way to have it is the fries, especially butternut squash or kabocha fries!

  11. Ooooh, I luuurve ketchup too. I can never just squeeze some on my plate and leave it at that, it has to come to the table with me for constant refills 🙂

    I know Heinz has a low-sodium line, but I’m not sure about low-sugar. They also have an organic line that may have less of all those “extra” ingredients. I’ve heard great things about Annie’s ketchup, but my grocery store here doesn’t carry it so I’ve never tried it.

    Garlic popcorn sounds awesome. I gotta find some!!

  12. Tim and I have been in a sweet potato fry kick lately–soo yummy! We do them like normal thick fries and also in rounds. I don’t care what shape they are, I just want to eat them! = )

  13. I LOVE ketchup, oh sweet baby Jesus. I put it on, um, everything?! I shrug off the high sugar content because I know I’m not having TOO much of the stuff. I actually bought my first bottle of organic ketchup today at Trader Joe’s! It was super cheap and I had to include it in my dinner. Yum yum. 😉

    My newest REdiscovery is probably… BBQ sauce. Totally addicted, especially since it’s summertime!

  14. popcornnnn BEST snack ever 🙂 i replaced ketchup with salsa 🙂 but still love it!

  15. oh gosh i cant even tell you how much i LOVE butternut squash and ketchup!!! Good combo and of course you like it, come on everyone does deep down 🙂

  16. I’m sorry to have missed your last post about the start of the challenge! I’m a bad blogger friend 😦 I think you are right, reduction is better… and did I reduce last night! Being sick is the only thing that stops me from snacking effectively 🙂

    Mmm… I agree with you that ketchup is sooo good! But all the ones I can find are filled with sugar. I still eat it occasionally, because it is fabulous, but I wish it were healthier (or there were healthier version available!)

    I still need to try sweet potato fries!!

  17. I’ve pretty much stoped using ketchup too, i think i need to bring it back!

  18. Heinz does, in fact, market a Reduced Sugar Ketchup that “tastes the same as the original”.

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