My sunshine has come

Ladies I loved the comments regarding T.I.’s song You Can Have Whatever You Like.

 Ashley you really made me laugh.  Patron is actually a type of alcohol- tequila to be exact *yuck*. I don’t think I have ever had it but I am sure it isn’t cheap since it made it into the song.You mentioned a lot of what T.I. says you don’t really want so how about we all come up with a Top Five List of things we want for the remix of the song?

Here’s My You Can Have Whatever You Like List (T.I.- I’ll gladly provide some vocals ;-))

1. vacation on a private island

2. a souped-up kitchen

3. a daily trip to the spa

4. a personal trainer for every day

5.  a superb wine collection

I know those are pretty material requests but I am not going to put down corny things like true happiness. haha

I am back on the couch at 2:30pm this Sunday afternoon. As planned, I got up and went for a long run. Let me give you a little context: I slept in a little too late and didn’t head out the door until after 11am. Words of advice? If you plan a long run in the warmer weather you MUST get up earlier. It was way too hot and I was really red I am sure. Thank Goodness for the water belt! I felt pretty crappy for most of the run with a few spurts of awesome. I also have to control that late night snacking (hence the Late Night Snacking Challenge! I will write a post later this evening with more details since we start tomorrow) because I felt like there were things still swimming around in my tummy. At any rate, I am stubborn as hell and I pushed through!! I absolutely love this new route. Without going into too much detail, I incorporate some great hills and steady inclines to challenge myself. I also run across the Don Valley Bridge at Bayview & Lawrence and it is soooooooooo pretty this time of year with all the trees blooming! What a gorgeous view! Although it was quite hot, I did enjoy the sunshine. I should have taken an after picture so you could see the pain on my face. LOL

Run Stats: 10 Miles, 1 Hour, 22 Minutes, Average Pace: 8:13 Min/Mil

Did you work out today? How was it?

Product Review

Before I went to bed last night, I tried the So Delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert.

From the So Delicious Website:

“America’s best-selling non-dairy frozen dessert! Cool and creamy, certified organic, undeniably delicious……now you can say goodbye to all that butterfat and cholesterol without compromising on satisfaction”

I enjoyed it. You can REALLY taste the peanut butter and I personally couldn’t taste the chocolate flavour at all. If you wanted the mix of the two flavours, this product is not for you but if you love peanut butter like I do, then this product is something you should buy! It is perfect creamy. Yum! The price is steep though. I think I paid $7.29 for 946ml- yes, not cheap! The nutritional information isn’t too bad either: per 1/2 cup: 140 cals, 4.5 grams fat, 2 grams fibre. No calcium or vitamins though so maybe add some fruit to increase the nutrition. 🙂 My brother Matt is not a health food type of guy in any way (I would probably dub him a classic meat and potato type of guy- in fact, growing up he barely ate any vegetables and it took a woman (his fiancee) to get him to eat salad HAHAHAHA- love you Matt! 🙂 Anyway, Matt would DEFINITELY like this Soy Delicious Treat as he is a peanut butter connoisseur.

two thumbs up!

two thumbs up!

I teamed the So Delicious with some homemade chocolate chips I had in the freezer. Soooooooo yum!

Saturday Night snack

Saturday Night snack

After my big run this morning, I wasn’t hungry right away so I washed off the layer of salt LOL Do you ever get a layer of salt on your skin after a hard workout?

I wanted something delicious and nutrition for lunch so I pulled out an egg and some egg whites, sweet red pepper and a scallion to make a wonderful omelette. On the side I chopped up one of my giant carrot and added a handful of sugar snap peas. I also included a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and homemade tropical jam.


so good

so good

On the side I finally cut up the mango I had in my fruit dish.  I ended up chopping the whole thing because it’s really hard to keep a half-cut mango fresh so why not chow down on the whole thing?? I also added some tasty watermelon. Yes, I am in fruit heaven this time of year.

summer in a bowl

summer in a bowl

Now I must get to work on some words for the Late Night Snack Challenge and catch up on some blog reading. My house is in a slight state of disarray because some laundry needs to be put away but that shouldn’t take long. 🙂

And I leave you with me and Laylay being lazy bums on the couch last night.

"Mommy, get off of me!" -Lay

"Mommy, get off of me!" -Lay

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  1. Oh man, I like your list…I would definitely love all of that, but I’d have to add to it a full walk-in wardrobe stocked with all the clothes I’d want! I guess I’m being materialistic, too!
    Your fresh fruit bowl has me craving watermelon!
    Um, I did workout today, but it was nothing close to as awesome as your run! Wow!

  2. As you saw on my blog, I went for a walk!
    But, damn girl! 10 miles? Are you serious!! You are amazing. Honestly. I have yet to run 10 miles. The furthest I have gone is 8.

    You are officially my running motivation!

  3. haha i am lovin’ that list.. and your ice cream..and your extremely precious pic :)! congrats on the awesome workout girlie ❤

  4. TEN MILE RUN??????

    I need to train with you!

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