You Can Have Whatever You Like

I really like that T.I song…it’s just so catchy. I couldn’t tell you what he is saying other than you can basically have whatever you want including Petron and a bunch of stuff. haha I love that song.

Thanks ladies for the approval of my lazy day 🙂 Makes me feel better about it. I could never do this every day because I would go stir crazy and insane.  I did do a few things like clean and cook but nothing major.

Dinner hunger came around 7:30pm this evening. I had a craving for spring rolls and I was kind of planning to make my own from scratch but then I remembered I had some President’s Choice Chicken Spring Rolls in the freezer and I am trying to use up everything in the freezer before the big move in a couple of months. I also found some frozen cauliflower and thought it would go well with a little Cheese Whiz.

saturday night 003

I also created a salad with spinach, sweet red peppers, avocado, sugar snap peas, walnuts, apples and sunflower seeds tossed with raspberry vinagrette. Another satisfying meal. 🙂

always a salad

always a salad

Oh and I sipping on this baby as well. It actually tastes better now after sitting in the fridge for a week:

so great

so great

I see some dessert in my future…

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  1. what a chic dinner you fancy schmancy galll ;)!

  2. Haha – I looked up the lyrics to that song and I don’t understand 75% of what he is signing…

    “Stacks on deck, Patron on ice”…. what is Patron?

    Hmm… the 15% of the lyrics which I do understand are a little questionable. Some of that I definately don’t want! Haha!

    Mmm… a glass of wine would really go down well right now. Enjoy your dessert hun!

  3. I never pay attention to the lyrics in songs. In fact, I often forget the lyrics to my OWN songs 😛

    Never got a chance to comment on your last post – lazy days are a necessity!! I have one about once a week (ahem.. yesterday…) Sometimes the couch just requires our company 🙂

  4. I love that song too! Ben and I actually joked that we should use that for our first dance song since he’s told me that song reminds him of me 🙂 We’re dorks.

  5. Oh that song is great!

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