When the Sun Shines, It Shines Forever….

Happy Wonderful Sunday! I am finally sitting down to blog after my fun-filled (not yet over) day. I really hope everyone is having a great day! If you’re in Canada like me, I bet you are pumped we don’t have to go to work tomorrow (Thank you Queen Victoria! haha)

Now on to a moment of pride: As I said last Thursday, I intended to push my limits and run big this weekend and my intentions were met this very morning! Let’s start with the re-cap of my outside run.

Running Stats: 12 MILES!! 1 Hour, 38 Minutes, Average Pace: 8:13 Min/Mil

Oh I am pretty excited about the above stats. This is the furthest run I have done outside of the half-marathons I have completed. 12 solid, glorious miles. I honestly felt great from start to end. I threw in some killer hills. I would like to thank Rihanna and her song Umbrella (see post title- exerpt from song :-p) for getting me through nearly a mile of incline/hill near the end of my run. I also went to areas of the city I have never ran before. It was quite windy! The wind pushed me and I pushed back!

I wore my water belt and used it a few times. I brought some Carb Gels but didn’t use them because it wasn’t needed. It was unfortunate because I intended to see how my body reacts to them. You know what this means? Another longer run is in my future! 🙂

Self-Realization Moment: I can absolutely, positively run a marathon

Did you have any great exercise moments this weekend??

I honestly could have pushed out another mile or two BUT I had a brunch date with my good friend Mel and I needed to get myself ready. Mel is an awesome, amazing friend and I hadn’t seen her in so long so I was thrilled. I say brunch but we didn’t actually meet up until almost two p.m. Prior to meeting her, I had a chunk of an apple as I was walking out the door to hold me over.

Mel ( also Melissa) and I went to Mel’s on Bloor (how fitting: Mel & Mel at Mel’s) I forgot to snap a picture- probably because I was ravenous! haha  I had breakfast food of course: eggs, toasts, a few mouthfuls of the hashbrowns and a few slices of bacon with coffee. So so good. Mel lives in my old ‘hood. I always get this nostalgic feeling when I go there- ahhhh the memories of university. I had a fabulous time and I look forward to the next time Mel and I can hang out.

After we parted ways, I continued walking along Bloor because the sun was so wonderful. I was drawn into Winners and I found a wonderful dress…….

new dress..

new dress..

Do you like my new dress?

I got hungry after all that browsing! I stopped in at Tim Horton’s and got a cinnamon raisin bagel and coffee. Hit the spot! Then on to Chapters (bookstores being a weakness of mine). I immediately went to the Fitness Section to find books on Marathon Running and Training to help my self-realization a reality. I was actually looking for a particular book that Abbie at Foods That Fit recommended ( Runner’s World: Run Less, Run Faster). Unfortunately, they did not have it BUT I found others to purchase! 🙂

marathon books

marathon books

The New Goods:

* Run Faster: Run 5K to the Marathon- Brad Hudson & Matt Fitzgerald

* Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running- Dagny Scott Barrios

* The Complete Book of Running for Women- Claire Kowalchik

* Runner’s World Training Journal

I will be sure to do full reviews as I make my way through the books! I also intend to get the book Abbie recommended as well. Knowledge is power! 🙂

I also wandered over to the Healthy Cooking Section . Oh I love bookstores! I picked up a vegetarian cookbook and a cool new water bottle. 🙂

more shopping goodies

more shopping goodies

On the train ride home, I had a Hersey’s Chocolate Bar with Almonds. Yummmy! What is it with my obsession with chocolate lately?? I think I am making up for all the years when I never really cared for it. haha

I knew I had to celebrate my 12 Mile run so I picked up a bottle of Reisling (my favourite type of wine). I picked up a bottle I have never had before (largely because I could get it chilled right from the store haha). The German Deinhard Green Label 2007 isn’t all that bad. It is definitely not my new favourite or anything. It is satisfying- still sipping it as I type.

crisp and slightly sweet

crisp and slightly sweet

I needed a healthy dinner but was in no mood to cook. I made a fabulous salad with Boston lettuce, yellow sweet peppers, grape tomatoes, a scallion, sweet corn, raw sunflower seeds, raw walnuts, and golden raisins tossed with Raspberry Vinagrette. On the side I had a Gardenburger on Whole Wheat surrounded by giant carrots and sugar snap peas.

much colour AND taste

much colour AND taste

I need some frozen yogurt. Scratch that. I would like some frozen yogurt. haha


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  1. I wish I lived in Canada, I’d like to be off tomorrow!

    Congrats on such a great run. I can’t wait to hear more about those books you got, I’ve been wanting to read up more on running 🙂

  2. your dress is cool, but bet it’ll be so much more beautiful on you! 😉
    I’m excited for you…running a marathon is one of my life goals!

  3. Wow, AWESOME run! I hope one day to do a half…but I am nowhere near ready yet! Your 12-miler is inspiring. Thank you for sharing all those running books. They look like a food investment. How exciting that you want to do a marathon!

  4. Hot dress! I like!

    I can’t believe you ran 12 miles! You gun! That’s amazing. Seriously making me feel guilty about how lazy I’ve been lately…!

    Reisling is one of my favourites too 🙂

  5. 12 miles!!!! Good job!! 😀 I can’t wait until the day I can do that! I intended to do my first *really* long run (it would have been 7.5 miles) but it was like 5 degrees!!! With a LOT of wind! So I decided to put it off because I wanted to do that long route for the beautiful views…so I had a date with my treadmill instead 😉

    All those books look super interesting! I’ve also been looking around but haven’t found a training book to my interest yet!

  6. DANG NICE RUN! That’s excellent! I’m looking fwd to those reviews!

  7. Hey, I just started reading your blog (not a food blogger myself but I love to read em!) and I’m so excited to find a Toronto food blogger and runner! I just had to comment on this post ’cause I walk past Mel’s all the time (I live in the Annex). Never actually eaten there, though!

  8. Way to go on that run! Simply awesome time. And hey, I do more injuring than running and I am training for a marathon – surely you can do it! 😛

  9. […] bad? Not bad! It felt pretty good from start to end. I have been reading one of the books on Women’s Running I bought on Sunday. It emphasizes the fact that when it comes to running we should all set goals. […]

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