The Post Without a Name

Good Evening Lovely People ๐Ÿ™‚

Here I am finally blogging at 10pm at night. ๐Ÿ™‚ The hours slip by each day and I look back wondering where all the time went! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a good day and I hope you did too! I enjoyed blog reading throughout the day andย  I always try to leave a comment on the lovely blogs because I know all the work that goes into a post.

* Breakfast came quickly as my tummy rumbled. Oats were on the menu again! I pulled out another individual packet of Kashi Heart 2 Heart Cinnamon Raisin and added some Old Fashioned Oats with about half a cup of water and threw it in the microwave. Oh man did it hit the spot!! I also had a lovely cup of Tim Horton’s Coffee. So very satisfying.

go get some!

go get some!

* Even though the oats are really filling, I got hungry again around 11am- snacktime! I was lacking in calcium so I pulled out some Yoplait Light- Strawberry Shortcake. It truly tastes like strawberry shortcake!!



* Worked kept me quite busy but hunger halted everything around 12:30pm. Luckily I had packed some leftover Five-Vegetable Tofu Stirfry with whole-grain brown rice for lunch! Cooking brings me joy on so many levels!ย ย I also brought a container in for my colleague AND…..I got rave reviews! She loved it! And I quote “If the law school thing doesn’t work out, I can hire you to be my personal healthy chef” YES!! I guess working the corner can move down on the “Back-up List”!

oh yes!

oh yes!

* My hormones were RAGING all day long and I wanted to eat everything in site- mostly chocolate. I decided this was probably not a good idea. Luckily my rational side took over and I had a Melissa’s Bar of Love YouBar with a nice refreshing Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee!

*Before hitting the gym, I needed one additional fuelling. Okay so let’s be honest: I let the chocolate craving win! I had a Weight Watchers brownie! I know, I know- preservative central!! I really need to stock my freezer with homemade goodies for times like this.

Work-Out Recap

At 4:30pm I was crashing HARD because of my lovely visitor- she always knocks me on my ass! I was really debating on what I would do at the gym. Let’s start with what I planned on: 45 Mins of Cardio (likely elliptical) and 1 hour boxing class (Pink Everlast Boxing Gloves and all). What I did: THE PLAN!!! I did exactly what I set out to do even though I was tired.ย  Awesome?? Yes!!

Let me tell you about the boxing class. First off, it’s nice and small: there were only 4 of us plus the instructor there. I was the only femme- which I am okay with. I don’t get self-conscious like that because there is no point. It helps that the instructor helps me feel welcome and he knows his shit! We start the class out with some skipping.

Skipping is hard! Holy moly! I haven’t done it in years. We did it all the time in grade school but not like this! I can run miles and miles without breaking a sweat but skip for 10 minutes?! Man oh man do I feel that! I need to buy a jump rope and practice at home. After the skipping warm up, we did a multitude of different stretches and moves to loosen up and prevent injury. During this class we followed that by working different combinations on the bag. The instructor is hands on and he works with you to ensure you have the right form. The last 1o minutes of the class are spent doing some intense ab exercises! I LOVE it!! My friend/colleague goes to this particular instructors abs class once a week and she said it is CRAZY! The class is only 20 minutes BUT it’s only 20 minutes for a reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thoroughly enjoy boxing and a girl can always gain something from learning how to fight and protect herself.

* I was ravenous after all that working out! I had some Thin Addictives Biscotti on the way home. I LOVE biscotti and I like this particular brand because it has almonds and cranberries in it. I would much rather have homemade biscotti but this isย a quick low-cal fix.



*Dinner was a real quick fix tonight because I didn’t even get in until 9pm. I pulled out my favourite veggie burger: Gardenburger and put it atop a piece of whole wheat toast with Miracle Whip.ย I also slapped some gorgeous veggies on my beautiful green plate: beets, corn, carrots, and snow peas. Very good!!



As I was typing this I had a Chocolate Fix (with all its coconuty goodness) and about one cup of the Chapman’s Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt. I know today my diet lacked in some nutrients and too much filler but I still had some good quality ingredients. Balance perhaps? I probably could have done without the Frozen Yogurt but it was calling me from the freezer and it would not stop! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that I am thoroughly exhausted I should likely head to bed.

I hope your dreams are sweet. Nightie night ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Oh a boxing class! How fun! I have always wanted to box but cant find a class anywhere near me! I am jealous!

    If those orange disks on your dinner plate are carrots, those are the biggest carrots I have ever seen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry about your “visitor” but I am glad youre enjoying some chocolate!

    • Boxing is so much fun! Hopefully there will be a class in your area in the future.

      And those big disks ARE carrots!! I absolutely love the produce section at the Loblaws down the street from my house (and I plan on taking a picture just to show)- they had these super duper large organic carrots! I had to get one!

  2. YAY for following through with your plans! The boxing class sounds like a lot of fun. And I agree, skipping is HARD.

    • Thanks! Skipping is hard! holy! LOL I need to practise at home for sure. It is an amazing workout too!

  3. I loved reading your blog! It yells positive thoughts in my brain! I just adore kick boxing, I was in a class a couple of years ago. Ass whipping. To bad there isn’t anything in the area I live in now!

    • Thanks so much Jenny! I appreciate that a lot!

  4. Is the boxing class called “Body Combat” ??
    I’ve taken some classes by Les Mills before.. just curious if that is the same!

    Btw, i’m going to get back to your latest email you sent me.. hopefully tomorrow! I have a few things to write about what you said! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Leah! Thanks for the note!

      It isn’t a Body Combat class. It’s actually boxing- gloves/bags/punches/kicks/skipping. The instructor is actually a fighter. It’s intense ๐Ÿ™‚ and I love it. The Body Combat class you are talking about sounds great too!!
      I look forward to your reply ๐Ÿ™‚

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