Late Night Post…

Good Evening. Monday is coming to a close. I am okay with that. It’s been a rather long, trying day. Mondays usually are. I don’t often get home until after 10pm on Mondays. 🙂 I’ll make this quick so I can catch some Zzzzzzzz’s

* Oatmeal warmed my belly at breakfast. I tried a new one this morning: Kashi Heart 2 Heart Raisin Spice. It was very good. I also mixed in some Quaker Oats. Very good. And a good old cup of Tim Horton’s Coffee.

very very good oatmeal

very very good oatmeal

My appetite wasn’t really with me today because I was stressed about all I have to do at work, for school, and for life in general.

*I got to try the Orange Beef and Broccoli dish I made yesterday. Two thumbs up, Melissa! 🙂 Taking two hours on Sunday to cook is so worth it. Happy, happy belly.

Packaged Lunches a la Melissa

Packaged Lunches a la Melissa

*I had a nice juicy Fuji Apple shortly after my lunch because I needed a piece of fruit in my day.

*Later in the afternoon, I had a Melissa’s Bar of Love II YouBar. I am going to take some time this long weekend coming up and take everyone’s advice on how to reference other posts- thanks so much to the lovely ladies who let me know how!! 🙂 I will ALSO post the recipes in the Recipe Box.

*I was not in the mood for anything for dinner. I was at work so I couldn’t have a home cooked meal and nothing appealed to me. I had a Quaker Delights Toasted Cocunut Banana Bar. Wow, they taste so amazing each time I have one.

quaker delight

*As time ticked on and knowing I wanted to go to the gym at 8pm, I had to get something a little more substantial in me for dinner. I still wasn’t wanting anything so I slipped across the street to Tim Horton’s to see if any of the soups or sandwiches (not donuts) would inspire me. I decided on a 12 Grain Bagel Turkey Sandwich. It was a satisfying meal. It wasn’t a huge meal but it was all I needed.

Workout Recap

I wasn’t really in the mood to run so late at night (and as you can see I didn’t get up and run this morning as I planned t0. Mornings are sooooooooo hard for me. I really, really wish I could get up and run then. I may not ever be able to get up at 6am to run. That’s okay :-)) Tomorrow is a run day- I will run at the more realistic time for me: 5pm 😀

Today I did one hour on the elliptical machine at a quick pace and a Level 5. Not too shabby! 🙂

Have a wonderful night! 🙂

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  1. That orange beef looks amazing! i want that recipe! (Um, please?)

    Great elliptical workout!!

  2. hehehe I don’t know how you can do it – I can never run at 5pm. 😉

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