I can’t imagine ever sitting all day long…. :-)

Do you ever find yourself with a To-Do List that is about 849854985984 pages long and still you feel the need to try and accomplish everything on it?? That’s me! Today I have a lot and yet I feel like I have not even conquered a quarter of what I wanted to do. I guess the fact that I continue to drill down the list is a positive.

I snacked a lot today. I generally do on Sundays (especially Sundays near my monthly visit :-p) My first snack involved my favourite Chapman’s Frozen Yogurtplus Dark Chocolate with one of the cupcakes  I made yesterday. Very decadent!! It absolutely hit the spot!

wanna bite?

wanna bite?

I had a multitude of other small snacks throughout the afternoon and evening as I cooked and cleaned. I have no photo evidence of this feast of mine. Snacks included: Goldfish crackers, cashews, a cookie, a handful of granola, a handful of Sun Chips and I think that’s about it. Yikes! Good thing I don’t eat like this everyday. I am not going to feel guilty though because I worked out hard today! 🙂 It’s ironic because on the episode of The Biggest Loser I am watching, the remaining 4 have gone home and Gillian and Bob are visiting at them at their homes to see how their doing and Tara (an inspiring contestant) has not found that balance in her life and is living in extremes. She is searching for a balance between everything and I know it’s hard. It’s key not to beat yourself up when you don’t eat exactly what you “should” or the exact amount you “should”. Anyway, it’s a great episode!

I spent a lot of time cooking this afternoon. The kitchen makes me happy. 🙂

Do you want to know of my motivating factors with going to law school and becoming a lawyer? I will (hopefully) make pretty decent money and I can have the kitchen I dream of! hahaha (Key words: one of: and not the biggest factor hahahaha LOL)

I decided I needed some beef in my life. I didn’t want it for dinner but I wanted to make some for a couple of lunches. I found a recipe for Orange Beef and Broccoli. It looks sooooooo good!

seasoned the beef for a couple of hours in fridge

seasoned the beef for a couple of hours in fridge

sauted the meat for 5 minutes or so

sauted the meat for 5 minutes or so

everything all together

everything all together

For dinner was craving good old bread. I took part of a baguette and topped it with cheddar cheese and turkey pepperoni. I wasn’t in the mood for a salad so I thought about what veggies I could have on the side and I came up with sweet corn and beets. It was a satisfying meal. The turkey pepperoni is really good!!



I just want to say one final thing about aspirations and your ability to achieve (while I am watching The Biggest Loser). You can absolutely do anything you want. The final 4 contestants are running a marathon!! (Based on a conversation with a colleague, they all complete it- I am just behind on the episodes). This is so, so, so inspiring! If these people who 17 weeks ago were morbidly obese can run a marathon, I absolutely I can! 🙂

Do you believe you can run a marathon? or completea triathalon? (or any other event that you always wanted to be a part of?)

Have a great evening!

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  1. I snacked a lot yesterday too… unfortunately, studying at home brings it out of me. I can’t really switch it off. Wish I could! Your snacks sounds great – especially Chapman’s Frozen Yogurtplus Dark Chocolate with the cupcake! WOW!

    In answer to your question, I can run a half marathon and maybe one day could do a full marathon.. but I agree with you, what these contestants achieve is unbelievable!

  2. i just watched TBL last night and was crying, it was so good! i hope mike gets to compete at the end but i am really happy ron made it so far even though there were times he frustrated me. i think it’s so awesome he finished the marathon!!!

  3. Those TBL contestants completing a marathon was such an inspriation!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, and please do come again. I, too, snacked all day yesterday!

  5. I totally want one of those cupcakes – no cupcakes in my house, but I do have pumpkin bread. Guess I’ll have to settle for that!

  6. I would love to run a marathon, unfortunately at the rate my metabolism works I’d passed out somewhere between the beginning and end of the race.

    (cheap) suggestions?

  7. That’s the perfect snack!!! I love it.

  8. I’m not sure I’m really made for running (structurally that is)…. but I have faith that I will complete my Oct. marathon.

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