Fruits and Veggies all day long

Hey guys and gals! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Mine has gone well thus far. I am finally taking a few minutes to sit down and catch up on the last three (yes three) episodes of The Biggest Loser. I adore this show. It’s very inspiring to see people change their lives to becoming HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, BETTER PEOPLE! It’s just amazing! I haven’t talked about my personal weightloss yet but I will in the near future. I think it’s great to read about how people have taken the steps to be healthier and I will definitely share my story in time. 🙂

Well given that last weekend I was in Vancouver last weekend running the BMO Half-Marathon (thanks to my brother Maffer for his kind words aout my run!) and got up early for over a week and a half, this morning was DEFINITELY the morning to relax in bed. 🙂 I lounged until about 10AM and realized there is always a million things I wanted to do (pleasurable things and not-so-pleasurable things (i.e. laundry). My doggies are definitely NOT very motivating when it comes to getting out of bed. Unless they have to go to the bathroom, they are NOT morning dogs HAHA It’s quite hilarious. They actually give you dirty looks when the lights go on. haha my monsters.

*Before returning the rental car about a 20 minute walk away, I decided to have a little breakfast. I wasn’t feeling overly hungry and didn’t fill like whipping anything up so I had a cereal mix. I put in some Kashi Heart2Heart, General Mills’ Oatmeal Crisp (Raisin), Bear Naked Granola Vanilla, and last but definitely not least President’s Choice (PC- a brand that is sold at Loblaws grocery store (and others that are part of the Loblaw family)- they have great lines in every type of food you can imagine) Double Chocolate Crunch Granola. The PC Double Chocolate Crunch Granola is so decadant! I only put a little handful because it is VERY energy dense. It just is a nice added touch.

As I said in previous posts, I have switched to Soy Milk. Yesterday I found a Light version of Silk plain Soy Milk! I was very pleased because I don’t really care for full fat versions. Silk Soy Milk is very smooth, well like, silk! haha It’s a wonderful brand.

I also had a sweet ripe mango sitting on my counter calling my name. Oh my goodness it was soooooooooo sweet. MMMMMMMM!  I ended up cutting up and consuming the entire thing. haha I also had a nice cup of coffee with a splash of cream. Wonderful, wonderful breakfast!

my new favourite milk

my new favourite milk

Sunday breakfast

Sunday breakfast

After returning the rental car, I enjoyed the 20-25 minute walk in the sunshine back home. It’s a little on the cool side but still very nice. My hamstring is feeling much better today. While I was walking home I was really contemplating a run. Sundays are usually my big run day and I was so torn because I wanted to give my hamstring a little more rest. The logical side of me won out and I decided a run was not in order. I had to make a deal with myself though: I decided I would attempt to get up BEFORE work and go for a run for the first time EVER! I want to check the weather first before I commit. I have to start somewhere with the morning runs. 🙂

But you know me, I can’t go a day without any activity. haha I pulled out my Women’s Health Perfect Body Workout with Amy Dixon DVD. I LOOOOOVE this DVD. I had a few other Amy Dixon DVDs but I gave them to my mom so she could work out- I hope she’s still using them!! 🙂 Right Mom?!?

Among many reasons for liking this workout DVD is the fact that this one is broken into sections: Warm-up, Cardio, Strength, Abs & Core, Cool Down.  This way you can just do the sections you want if you don’t have the time (or energy) to do the whole 1.5-2 hours. I chose to do the Cardio & Strength sections. Oh man did it EVER feel good! I was SWEATING up a storm! It is SOOO important to switch things up so your body doesn’t just get used to the regular things you do when it comes to exercise. I always see people blogging about Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and saying how intense it is. I HAVE to pick that up! For all of you workout DVDers, I highly recommend the Women’s Health Amy Dixon DVDs!

a great workout

a great workout

I worked up an appetite after that workout. I think I worked out for about an hour in total. I was in dire need of some veggies so a huge salad was on the menu. I included: baby spinach, onion sprouts, a scallion, chopped sweet red pepper, grape tomatoes, chopped strawberries, dried cranberries, chopped pecans, and raw sunflower seeds. (I don’t think I’m forgetting anything). I tossed it in my favourite dress: Kraft Raspberry Vinagrette.

What is your favourite salad dressing??

I also toasted a piece of whole wheat toast and topped it with a slice of cheese and some egg whites. Perfect lunch!!

i love colour!

i love colour!

Now on to catching up on blog reading, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and law school prep!

I hope you’re having a great afternoon and I’ll be back later!

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  1. I love the Biggest Loser! I cant wait to hear your own story too!!

    I love mangos! I cant for the life of me figure out how to cut one up though. Your breakfast looks great!

  2. Can’t wait for the finale of BL tonight! I’m routing for Tara.

    My dogs are the exact same way! Makes it hard to leave the bed sometimes 🙂

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