On Running- Very Excited Part III

So I finally have all the pictures to re-cap the last three runs I have participated in this last little while! I am actually taking part in another one this coming weekend and I will be sure to blog about that when I have the photos. πŸ™‚

Good Friday 10 Miler- Burlington, ON – April 10, 2009

So the Good Friday 10 Miler was the first big run after the Around the Bay Race I participated in at the end of March. I have to say this was the WORST run I have ever had. Not because it was poorly organized or because the weather was bad (it was actually well organized and the weather was great). I was just feeling AWFUL!! It was completely my own doing. The week prior to the run, I did NOT eat properly and did not train properly. 10 Miles is pretty closeΒ in terms of distance to a half so I should have been on the top of my game before even making it to the start line. Sadly, my stomach seized up around mile 6 and I was in agony! HOWEVER, being incredibly STUBBORN, I pressed on and (obviously) finished. haha I think stubbornness plays a pretty big part in my running successes. I did stop 4-5 times to walk and I never usually stop at all! I also had my good friend there and he was in pain too so we coaxed each other to press on! πŸ™‚Β  Despite all that was holding me back, I made it in pretty damn good time! Check out my stats:

10 Miler Stats:

1:29:48 official time (not sure what the chip time was but you could probably remove one minute)

Average Pace: 8:59 Min/Mile

I came in 189th out of 772 Runners! Not too shabby!!

I am proud of myself HOWEVER I learned a very tough lesson from this race: Always, ALWAYS eat properly prior to a race!

look at the agony on my face!

look at the agony on my face!

Oakville Mercedes-Benz 10KM- April 26, 2009

I LOVED this race! I felt great through most of it and the weather was perfectly cool! My tummy ached near the end but I think it was just a cramp from the run. I ate very well and trained well (see previous posts) so I was in tip-top shape! They had a great sponsors for the run and I got some great goodies!!

10 KM Race Stats: 52 Minutes

Average Pace: 5:21 min/mile

I came 267th out of 741 participants!! Wahoo! ! 12th of of 45 in the Women’s 25-29 Category AND 68th out of the 378 Women participating! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

As you can see coming in first is not my goal. :-p

If you live in the Oakville, ON area, I highly recommend signing up for the Oakville Mercedes-Benz 10Km!

look at me go!

look at me go!

prepping my tunes!

prepping my tunes!

BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon- May 3, 2009

This was definitely one of the most memorable runs I have had. The scenic route was amazing!! The weather was sooooo perfect! We were preparing for rain but God was watching down and decided to provide us with some sun instead!! Lovely!

I absolutely love the air of excitement that exists on race day! Everyone is filled with anticipation and excited to concur another big run! Love it!

Now prior to the run, we were warned about the hill at Prospect Point in Stanley Park. I mean we we warned but we were not WARNED!!haha The hill was brutal!! It came into view about half-way through the race and as you loop around a corner you saw people slowly crawling up a hill. Little did I know the hill would wrap around 4 times for what was probably 2 KM!! Oh My Goodness! I wanted to stop and sit in the grass. Seriously! Luckily, what goes up, must come down! The downhill allowed for some momentum to be regained! I have to admit that hill took a little bit of of wind out of my sails and I thought it would hinder my finish time for sure!

My stomach felt great through the entire race (I couldn’t believe it because my tummy is so sensitive). I did however get tired within the lsat 5km. I just felt physically tired.Β  It was not unbearable and I pressed on. I stopped about 3-4 times throughout the run: twice when going up the wretched hill and two other times within the last 3 km because I needed to regain some momentum. It worked and I succeeded! I made my goal and came in in under 2 hours!!! πŸ™‚ It was not my best time for a half but it was still something to write home about!

Vancouver Half-Marathon Stats: 1:56:08

Average Pace: 8:52 Min/Mil (5:31 Min/Km)

I placed 1602 out of just over 7000 runners! Definitely something to be proud about!





excitement just before the start!

excitement just before the start!






Team BMO- ready to rock!

Team BMO- ready to rock!

bling shot!

bling shot!

Sweet Pride (and relief) at finish!

Sweet Pride (and relief) at finish!

As you can see, I adore running! πŸ™‚

I look forward to the runs I have coming up in the near future: Mississauga 10K, Toronto Women’s Half and I have to get on signing up for a few more! πŸ™‚

Do you love running? And why?

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  1. You did great! I actually don’t run, but I try to get as much exercise as I can by walking and doing exercise dvds.

    • Thanks so much Sara!
      That’s awesome you found exercises you like!
      I like to do DVDs from time to time as well. I highly recommend the Women’s Health series with Amy something. Her last name is not coming to me… haha

  2. Wow what a great post, I love to run but unfortunately I can’t do much I have a herniated disk in my lower back and my doctor doesn’t like me running (especially not in races) I do what I can when I can but unfortunately I walk more often then I run.

    • Thanks Danielle!!

      I am sorry to hear you have herniated disks! That’s great you follow your dr’s directions though! It’s nice there are many alternatives to running. πŸ™‚

  3. Great photos. πŸ™‚ I don’t run, I have some foot issues and it aggravates me poor toes. I stick to stuff where there is less impact.

    • Thanks Trish! What other exercises do you like? Thank Goodness we have so many choices! πŸ™‚

  4. This is amazing!! Great job! I am so jealous. I took up running for the first time and was doing it slowly, and absolutely fell in love. But for the last 2 months i havent been able to run at all because i’ve been experiencing a lot of left knee pain. I miss it and I’m doing all the necessary steps to work back up to where I was!

    • Thanks so much!
      That’s great you are taking care of your health and doing what is important prior to picking running back up. Your knees are important! πŸ™‚
      Good luck!!

  5. I’m so impressed, I couldn’t run a marathon to save my life. Awesome work!

  6. Great job on all those races!!! I like the “whatever goes up must come down” line, I’ll have to tell myself that next time I tackle a hill. Running is probably my favourite activity to do. I’m slow, and I can’t go far, but it sure is fun! πŸ™‚

  7. Great job on your runs! My tummy is very sensitive too so I know how you feel. Do you ever refuel during your runs, if so with what?

  8. Hey sis, thats sweet what you accomplished in Vancouver!! I’m sure it was lots of work but another run under your belt πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work

    Love ya


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