I look forward to writing these evening posts…. :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. The sun was out here so that perked my mood right up! Today was a great day healthwise and as a result I feel great!

Food Re-Cap

*Breakfast was a nice big bowl of cinnamon oats and oatbran at work with a large cup of Timmy’s coffee. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I love oatmeal. It tastes wonderful. It keeps me full. It’s the perfect breakfast!

my lovely work oats

my lovely work oats

The oats kept me so full all morning long. No morning snack was required! 🙂

*Before leaving for work this morning, I made some time to whip together a lunch! Lunch brought from home is so much better than anything you can purchase. I was glad I took the extra few minutes to throw something together. I took a Dempster’s Spinach Wrap and smacked on a layer of Fat Free Miracle Whip. I added some turkey breast, baby spinach, chopped tomatoes, chopped green peppers and onion sprouts. It was soooooooooo tasty! Yum yum! I also had some baby carrots to go with it to add some more veggies to the meal.

look at all the veggie-goodness

look at all the veggie-goodness

finished product

finished product

*My lunch held me over for a long time. Perhaps it was from all the junk food I ate yesterday. :-p I wanted an afternoon snack before I headed for the gym. I also wanted some fruit so I pulled out a nice, juicy grapefruit.  It was juicy. It was sweet. It was the perfect snack.

Work-Out Re-cap

Work was pretty quiet today so I managed to slip out at 4pm to go to the gym. Yay! I love going in the afternoon. I felt well enough to run again. I surprisely suffered no pain from the Vancouver Half-Marathon.

Run Stats: 1 Hour, 6.52 Miles, Average Pace: 9:11 Min/Mil

Not too shabby for just having run a half-marathon 2 days ago!

*Because I left my desk early in the afternoon, I had to stick around a little after my workout. I calmed my rumbling belly with a juicy, sweet pear  and the Melissa’s Bar of Love- YouBar I created. That bar is amazing. See previous post describing them. (Can someone please educate me on how I link back to posts??? Would really appreciate it!)

my creation!

my creation!

*I wanted to be a little creative with dinner since I wasn’t ravenous when I walked through the door. I also wanted to use up some of the things I had the refridgerator including the Yves Veggie Cuisine Veggie Chicken Burgers I had.

I love veggies burgers

I love veggies burgers

The first thing I did was chop up some onions, green peppers and one of the veggie burger patties.

chop it up

chop it up

I then threw these chopped goodies into a pan with olive oil cooking spray. I added some frozen peas and corn. And of course some garlic and sea salt spices.

smelling pretty good!

smelling pretty good!

I wanted to add some other lovely things to the meal so I steamed some cauliflower and broccoli and “Added Some Personality” by smearing the veggies with Cheese Whiz. I threw together a salad with baby spinach, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, onion sprouts topped with Kraft Raspberry Vinagrette. My hunger got the best of me so I also included a piece of whole wheat cheesy bread  and a big, beautiful carrot. I can’t get enough of the carrots lately!

look at my creation!

look at my creation!

This meal was so very satisfying! The tastes worked so well together!

A side note: When I was in Vancouver I picked up some great new plates and bowls!  I also picked up a few more today! I love seeing other peoples’ dishware on their blogs! I am so excited to use all the new dishes I got so they can add to my blog! The picture above is one of the new plates! Unfortunately, I made so much food, you can barely see it. :-p

As I typed this I snacked on a Chocolate Fix which contained my belove coconut.  It’s basically a maccaroon in a container. I love them! I have to seriously make up my own batch of maccaroons!

mmmm so good

mmmm so good

Now I must get ready to take the puppies out. 🙂 Have a fabulous evening!!

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  1. I love it when you have an amazing, filling breakfast which requires no mid-morning snack!

    Your dinner creation does look beautiful – I love the carrot on the edge there!

    And mmm.. chocolate fix! Coconut rocks!

  2. Your dessert looks great!

  3. seriously, what a satisfying and yummy dinner plate!

    and i agree — oatmeal is the BEST breakfast!

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