I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day….

Hey all!

I hope you are enjoying your evening! I struggled through the day. It’s very hard to function on a few hours sleep after an eventful weekend! As a result, I didn’t cook anything and definitely made some bad food choices today. Ah well. Tomorrow is brand new day 🙂

I am still going to wait to talk about the amazing Vancouver Marathon until I have the fabulous pictures to go with it. Mike said he would put them on a disk for me tomorrow evening. He has them all because my camera died just as we tried to take the first few snaps at the race! I can’t believe I let that happen. Luckily Mikey had his camera! I should also have the official pictures from the race by then too and then I will do a re-cap for sure!! 🙂

I should first do a food re-cap of yesterday’s eats.

*The 5am wakeup call wasn’t too bad yesterday. I felt well rested. Perhaps I was still slightly in Eastern time. Whatever it was, it worked. I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy prior to the run so my pre-run fuel was a Nature’s Path Optimum Bar in Blueberry Flax & Soy. It was enjoyable and fueled well. 

the food made for a runner

the food made for a runner

*Directly after the run, I don’t really feel much hunger. I did feel it was necessary to fuel so I had half of a banana and a LOT of water. After locating our friends, I had a Nature Valley Oats N Honey Bar with a coffee. I also had a mini-pack of Smarties. The re-fuel was needed!


re-fuel baby!

re-fuel baby!



* I wandered around again after refreshing after the run. I was on a high after completing the run. It always feels like a major accomplishment- I know all your marathoners understand it! 🙂 I was meeting a good friend of mine because she was in town as well. It’s funny we have to go to the OTHER side of the country to see each other. haha She has a great job working for the Olympic committee (I am not sure of the official name but I know they work with the athletes and coaches and play a major part in the organization of the Canadian teams and all aspects related to the Olympics.) It’s exciting times this year for them because Canada is the host country for the 2010 Olympics!) so it was great to hear her stories! It was a pleasure to catch up with her and I look forward to our friend Renee’s wedding in August when we will all see eachother again (we are both part of the wedding party)! It’s going to be a blast!!

*Prior to meeting my friend, I made one last trip to Capers (Whole Foods) and picked up some goodies and a giant carrot to chomp on! I still wasn’t hungry after the run so the giant carrot hit the spot for the time being.

*We decided to head to the airport at 3pm even though our flight wasn’t until 6pm. We were all just so exhausted and we figured we could veg at the airport until our flight. Prior to getting in a cab, I picked up a lovely proscuitto and turkey sandwich. It was sooooooooo tasty!!

tasty sandwich

tasty sandwich

* I also had some fabulous green grapes I picked up at Capers. They were so big and juicy and sweet!

mmmm grapes

mmmm grapes

*While at Capers, I raided the organic bulk food section and got some awesome goodies that I have never seen before which included: peanut butter covered pretzels and raspberry yogurt covered pretzels. I sampled a few of each prior to boarding the plane. I also got a great organic bag of mixed nuts with sea salt. I had some of those when I arrived home at 2am.  I LOVE nuts! It was the perfect mix of walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, and brazil nuts.

wonderful snacks!

wonderful snacks!

*While I was on the plane, I was in serious snack mode. I chomped on a bag of Rold Gold Pretzels, a few remaining pieces of the Mango Liquorice I had (so so so good!), and some super creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate Bar.  I probably had 4 rows in total. It was definitely a food fest!! Oh! I even had a Melissa’s Bar of Love YouBar. I really did consume A LOT yesterday evening!

I love pretzels!!

I love pretzels!!

Today was NOT a healthy day as I mentioned! I have just been too tired to think about what I am putting into my body. I also tend to crave CRAP when I am tired. I actually had an okay day- it is this evening that became problematic. I had a variety of things including: Ice Cream, Liquorice, Pretzels, Chocolate, Pub Crawl mix!! Goodness!! That’s okay- tomorrow is a new day so I won’t beat myself up about it.

I would like to discuss the snack I had this afternoon. I tried a bar I purchased in the US called the Green Tea Bar- Lively Lemongrass. As I sit here with the empty package, I can still smell the fresh lemongrass scent! The package says its Vegan- All Natural- Gluten and Wheat Free. The bar itself was pretty! It had full nuts and raising in it! I wish I had my camera at work to snap a picture of it. The ingredient list is amazing!

Green Tea Bar-Lively Lemongrass Ingredient List: Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Soybeans, Organic Sesame Seeds and Flax Seeds, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Dates and Dried Plums, Organic Brown Rice, Glaced Lemon and Crystallized Ginger, Concentrated Soy Protein, Rice Flour, Matcha Tea and Organic Green Tea Extract, Chicory, Natural Flavors, Natural Color, and Sea Salt

Energy: 220 Calories, 8 grams fat, 115 mg sodium, 250 grams potassium, 29 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fibre, 9 grams of protein.

The Green Tea Bar has a wonderful chewy texture with full nuts and fruits. The taste was really good and lively! You could really taste the fresh lemongrass. I was not a fan of the aftertaste though. The lemongrass kind of lingered but it was nothing a swig of water could not get rid of. It wasn’t terrible but it was quite strong. I enjoyed the bar and would purchased again!

Green Tea- bar format

Green Tea- bar format

I also didn’t hit the gym for obvious reasons! I would have probably provided some entertainment to my fellow gym-goers by falling off the elliptical or treadmill. haha 🙂

Do you find yourself feeling guilty if you have an “unhealthy day”? How do you deal with it?

I look forward to blogging about the run and I can’t wait for the pictures!! I will also be back full force with my healthy food tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to your responses on how you deal with a “bad” eating day!

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  1. I know it can be hard to choose healthy options when your body/mind is so tired! I think you are being too hard on yourself! It’s not like you do it all the time… you’ll get back on track soon enough 🙂

  2. Thanks Leah! 🙂 Back to oats this morning 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see your pictures from the marathon and read your full recap!

  4. When I have a bad day of eating I find something bad to wash it down with. May I suggest a lovely Proseco. 😉

  5. Can’t wait for the recap! I just get back on the wagon after a day of bad eating. I know there are some days where I eat too much, and some that I probably don’t eat enough, so it all balances out in the end. And vegetables, lots of vegetables the next day!:P

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