A little rushed…

I always know that I can’t possibly do what I want to do but yet I try and jam a million things into my day and all it does it make me frazzled! 🙂 Today was a good day for my health (minus the stress). I am not a fan of packing for  trip because I am always afraid that I am going to forget something. I have been rushing around cooking, packing and cleaning since I got home around 7pm and it is now 10pm! Yikes!

* For breakfast I wanted something quick and simple: a Tim Horton’s Cinnamon Raisin Bagel  and a coffee did the trick! 🙂

carby goodness

carby goodness

* My mid-morning snack  was another Fuji Apple. My day doesn’t feel complete without a copy of pieces of fruit.

* Lunch was a re-run. Actually a re-re-run. haha I had the Quinoa dish and Chicken again. It was tasty as I already knew it be and luckily I finished up the last of it! 🙂

you lovely, lovely lunch :-)

you lovely, lovely lunch 🙂

Product Recommendation Alert:

Now the highlight of my day was FINALLY getting to try the YouBar’s I designed myself through the lovely company YouBar (www.youbars.com). Now there is a little bit of saga behind these bars. I was VERY excited about creating my own bars. I saw the recommendation for this product on a few other foodie blogs. Check the YouBar site out! In sum, you choose everything that goes into the bar (very healthy, very organic options) AND you get to name the bar! How exciting is that? I was thrilled! I ordered them at the beginning of April and I just received them yesterday because they got lost in the mail! Fortunately Joel  over at YouBar was very helpful and basically was willing to help any way he could. I very much appreciated that!

I was so excited about creating my own bars, I created two different kinds:

Melissa’s Bar of Love: Ingredients: Organic Dates, YouBar Base (Almond Butter, Organic Dates), organic clover honey, Whey Protein Isolate, semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic sunflower seeds, organic walnuts, organic raisins, organic coconut, organic granola (organic whole grain rolled oats, organic crisp brown rice, organic whole rolled spelt flakes, organic rolled barley, flakes), apples, pear juice concentrate, organic oat bran, vanilla extract, soy milk powder, all-one vitamin infusion.

Energy: 185 cals, 9grams fat, 3grams fibre, 6 grams protein, Sugar 18grams, Carbs 24grams, Vit A- 10%, Vit C- 67%, Calcium- 24%, Iron 6%

Melissa’s Bar of Love II: Ingredients: organic peanut butter, organic dates, organic clover honey, semi-sweet chocolate chips, organic cashews, pecans, organic coconut, cranberries, whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate, nutty rice cereal (rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt), all-one vitamin infusion, organic coffee

Energy: 198 cals, 10 grams fat, 2 grams fibre, 22grams carbs, 7grams protein, Vit A- 10%, Vit C- 67%, Calcium- 13%, Iron- 4%

Look at these babies:

my very own bars!!

my very own bars!!

I tried Melissa’s Bar of Love AND……I absolutely loved it!!! I can’t tell you just how tasty it was!! I also enjoyed the texture and the combination of tastes!  It had almost a crumbly texture because of the fresh, organic ingredients AND there were full chunks of the nuts and fruits. The bar had the perfect amount of sweetness! It filled my belly and helped to maintain my energy levels throughout my workout. I can’t wait to try Melissa’s Bar of Love II and then create many more!!

Creating your own bars is such a great idea and YouBar is an excellent source!! Thank you, YouBar!

Work Out Recap

I went for another run today to prep for the big Vancouver Half-Marathon I will be running on Sunday. I kept a slow pace and it felt really good.

Stats: 1 hour, 7miles, Average Pace: 9:18 Min/Mile

*After my workout I was actually hungry. I went back to work to grab a banana for a post-workout snack.

* I had some great ideas for dinner and I hit the grocery store before coming home. I wanted to do something again with yams. I also picked up a zucchini to throw into the mix.

chop chop

chop chop

I threw the zucchini and yam in a pan with some tasty olive oil.

oh yeah

oh yeah

I also threw in some onions and green beans.

step 3

step 3

I wanted to add some protein to the meal so I pulled out my good old George Foreman Grill and seasoned some lovely chicken breasts to make it quick.

mmmm chicken

mmmm chicken

Finally, I wanted some more veggies so I created a lovely, colourful salad with: baby spinach, strawberries, sprouts, green peppers, sweet corn, green peppers, scallions topped with raspberry vinagrette. I was very pleased with everything! So tasty, so satisfying!

final product

final product

I made extra of everything so I could pack a lunch and a dinner for tomorrow. My flight to Vancouver leaves at 5pm tomorrow and I didn’t want to be stuck with airport or airplane food so I packed up some of the zucchini/yam/green bean dish I made AND I made a lovely wrap with some chicken breast, tomatoes, sprouts, baby spinach all on a spinach wrap with some fat-free mayo. I much prefer my creations any day of the week!

I can't wait to eat this!

I can't wait to eat this!

packed for the airport!

packed for the airport!

I also packed some bars and fruit to snack on! You can never be too prepared!! 🙂

snacky snacks!

snacky snacks!

 Well its almost 11pm, I’m still frazzled and still have some last minute things I have to do so I am prepared for tomorrow! I should have some free time tomorrow when I land in Vancouver to do some blogging!

Have a great night!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours! Those YouBars sound so cool! I have seen them around but never knew you customized them..how fun! Have a great trip!

    • I love your site as well! I will be back often to check it out 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes! Definitely try a YouBar! Yum!

  2. I can’t wait to hear how your half goes!
    Great food for the airport. You are well prepared!

    • Thanks so much Leah!

  3. How good are bagels! I’ve never had one with cinnamon and raisan in it though. It sounds like a fab combination! You can’t beat some tasty carbs 🙂

    Wow – you’re doing a half marathon! How exciting! Good luck with your training. I’ve always wanted to do one too, but I have so many problems with my knees that I always end up getting injured when training 😦

    Dinner looks delicious. So does your spinach wrap! What excellent food!

    • Thanks so much! I LOVE cinnamon raisin bagels! 🙂 I particularly love them from Tim Horton’s (canadian coffee place).

      ouch on the knees! That’s too bad but luckily there so many other wonderful things you can do 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Your bar sounds like such a good flavor combo!
    and I love your dinner!

    • They are amazing! 🙂 yum!

  5. Have a safe flight – love the You bar!

    • Thanks very much!
      have a wonderful day!

  6. I’m a Canadian blogger too:) ill have to check out that bar site sounds interesting!

  7. I’m loving the veggie filled dinner!

  8. I’m like you, I always pack food when I go away. Thanks for visiting my site. You have a neat blog.

  9. these bars look so great so much flavor just YUM!
    thanks and have a safe flight!

  10. Cool blog. I bring food with me when I travel also. Thanks for visiting my site.

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  15. […] My snacks this afternoon included a yummy in my tummy banana and a Melissa’s Bar of Love YouBar. […]

  16. You MUST try the elusive quail egg. http://specialktreatment101in1001.blogspot.com/2008/09/63.html
    First of all, they are always using them in TOP Chef challenges, and the taste really is somewhat of an experience. The egg creates this tidal wave in your mouth and you can’t help but feel ALIVE!

  17. Those YouBars look like so much fun! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love yours! All your talk of running is really making me want to start exercising more.

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