It’s Almost Bedtime!

My  Goodness the clock keeps on ticking by! I had a really busy day! It’s 9pm and I am FINALLY sitting down to blog.

Today was a good day 🙂

* I woke up wanting oatmeal for breakfast so as soon as I got in to work, I made some to go along with my mandatory cup of Timmy’s.

* I had the last piece of fruit on my desk for my mid-morning snack: a grapefruit. I have been fortunate because I keep picking sweet, juicy ones! Yum

* Lunch was a repeat of yesterday with the wonderful Quinoa dish I made with a small piece of chicken. So tasty!

happy belly

happy belly

* I was still hungry so I had some really juicy pineapple for dessert. Does anyone want to recommend an exotic fruit I can try??



* My stomach requested one more afternoon snack around 3pm. I had another kick-ass peanut butter cookie  that I made on Sunday. I teamed that with some Yoplait Light Yogurt. Perfect snack!

I had another one of these bad boys

I had another one of these bad boys

 Work-Out Recap

I wanted to get a good run in before the half in Vancouver this Sunday. My stomach gave me a little trouble so I didn’t go as long as I would have liked.

Final Stats: 7.1Miles, 1Hour, 5Minutes, Average Pace: 9:08Min/Mile

I really truly do run much more quickly outside. I am fine with still keeping the pace slow on the treadmill. It makes the run feel much more leisurely.

* My post-workout snack was a Weight Watchers cream-filled twinkie like concoction. I know: totally unhealthy. When one of my colleagues saw the package he said something along the lines: “Don’t twinkies defeat the whole purpose of Weight Watchers?” hahah I don’t agree but it is definitely not a healthy option for an after-workout snack.

* I wanted to use up some veggies in the fridge for my dinner. I diced up some green peppers, sliced up some scallions, and shredded some carrots.

nice colours

nice colours

I then threw the veggies in a pan with cooking spray and added some frozen peas.

nice aromas

nice aromas

I didn’t keep the veggies on the stove for more than 5 minutes. I wanted to add a little more to the dish so I threw in some whole wheat couscous.



I was also craving a Garden Burger so I heated one up and put it atop a piece of whole wheat bread with a little fat-free mayo. I also added some sweet corn. What a great combination!

final product

final product

I also had one of these little devils:

my lil chocolate fix

my lil chocolate fix

I have a lot to do in the next two evenings because I leave for Vancouver Thursday directly from work! I started packing because I don’t want to forget any essentials- especially my running gear!

Question: Can anyone recommend some fabulous (healthy) eateries I should check out while in Vancouver???

Have a great eve!!

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  1. Oooh, you must be so excited for your half this weekend! Have you ever tried guava before? I can’t find it here in NB, I’ve only ever had it on my trips down south, but I swear it’s a fruit straight from the heavens 😛

    • I am very excited! I am also excited to see Vancouver. I was told to go run along the “seawall” on Friday.
      Thanks for the fruit idea! I may have had guava in the past but I will definitely pick some up!

  2. Yum, everything looks great! For exotic fruits, have you tried lychees? They’re really good. Also, cherimoyas are delicious too. Slightly less exotic are mango, papaya and kiwi.

    • Lychees are wonderful! Thanks for the reminder!
      I have never had cherimoyas and I am not sure what it even is 🙂 This calls for a google search.

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