What a perfect temperature..

For a girl who grew up way up in northern, I thoroughly dislike the cold. People have this misconception that because I grew up in the cold, I am “used it to.” Unfortunately you don’t get used to freezing your bum off. haha At any rate, this warmer weather makes me VERY happy. It’s a joy to go outside.

I woke up relatively early for a Saturday morning: 8am. I wasn’t feeling hungry at all so I decided to take my crazy Laylay out for a walk. The temperature made me very happy!! The sun isn’t quite out but that didn’t matter. No coat needed!

* Once I get back from my walk, it was definitely time for breakfast. I put on half a pot of coffee with Second Cup Coffee Beans. The scent of coffee is very pleasant to me! I was also craving some eggs but I wanted to do something different so I first chopped up some red peppers and onions to incorporate them.



I took one egg and about 1/2 cup of egg whites and mixed them together with the veggies.

omelette prep

omelette prep


in the pan

in the pan

 I could always use some peanut butter and jelly so I decided that was the best option for my whole wheat toast.



I also had a side of fruit….the pineapple I bought last week is still going strong. Perfect sweet.

mmm sweet

mmm sweet

Now I need to explore my recipe books to see what new things I can try!

Have a great afternoon and I will be back later. 🙂

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