On Running Part II

Good Morning! I hope you are feeling as well as I am. Oatmeal always warms my belly. ūüôā

First, congratulations to all those who ran in the Boston Marathon yesterday! That is an amazing feat and I hope that one day I can participate!

As I said in my previous post about running, I started running about 8-9 years ago when I entered university. (see previous post) I left off by discussing the half-marathons I completed at the end of last year.

I don’t know if you have this problem but living in Canada, running during the winter months is not as fun because you have to run indoors pretty much¬† all of the time. A treadmill does the job but nothing beats the great outdoors! After running the two halfs last year, I automatically signed up for a few more races.¬† You know how it is: complete one, look forward to the next.

Back in late December I took part in the Resolution Run put on¬†by the Running Room. Even though it was late December, the day was perfect for the¬†5K!¬†It was¬†12 degrees and¬†sunny! (yes, in Canada!) I actually got hot! It was a quick 5K. I completed it in roughly 25 minutes. I¬†had just returned from visiting my parents for the holidays so there were areas that were jiggling that shouldn’t have been. haha

Resolution Run- December '08

Resolution Run- December '08

After the Christmas joy and comsumption of mass quantities of food, I got back to fitness and healthy diet in preparation for the runs that were coming up. I cannot stress enough how important putting the right fuel in my body effects my workouts. I am faster, more agile, AND most importantly, feel so much better.

The first of my 2009 Runs was the Around¬†the Bay race that begins in Hamilton, goes through Burlington then back to¬†Hamilton. The Around the Bay’s claim to fame is that it is¬†the oldest race in¬†North America and it’s slogan is “Older Than Boston”.¬†My¬†friend/colleague Mike¬†also enjoys running and him and I decided that we would run the Around the Bay as a team. This meant¬†I would run 15K and he would run 15K.¬†As it grew closer to the race,¬†part¬†of me wished I signed up for the full 30K. I absolutely plan to next year if I am still living in the area.¬†Mike¬†lives in¬† Burlington and¬†said he wanted to run the last 15K- I was okay with that because apparently there is a ridiculous hill on that part! ūüôā

So on Sunday, March 29, 2009, the day of the race, you could not have asked for WORSE weather! It was pouring, it was cold, it was miserable but we were determined! In addition, I was silly enough to see my trainer  the Thursday before so my legs were sore from lunges! You live and you learn I guess. Despite the weather, being a part of a wonderful race is always so exciting!

Given the size of the race, it took a good 5 minutes for me to even start after the initial start because I like to be at the back of the pack.¬† I kept a good pace even though I was drenched! I was sooooooo happy to see the 15K mark but I couldn’t find Mike anywhere so I kept going. It wasn’t clear where the change over station was and it was clear others were as confused as I was. We definitely wasted a good 5 minutes at the change over because I ended up running too far and had to go back to find Mike. I was soooooooo drenched- you could ring my pants out!

Around The Bay Stats:

Official Time for my 15K portion: 1hour, 28 minutes (IPOD time: 1hour, 23 minutes- accounting for not finding Mike and delay in starting haha). Pace: 5:54 min/km

Official Time for Mike’s 15K portion: 1 hour, 31 minutes

Total Official Time (accounting for delay in start): 2:55:36!  (under 3 hours! yay!!)

I was very proud to see Mike run through Copps and to the¬† finish line! Running in races makes one very emotional! ūüôā It was such a good experience and I hope I can take part again next year.



And the crowd:

huge crowd!

huge crowd!

I have participated in a few others but I am waiting for the pictures before I post about them.¬† They should be here soon.¬† ūüôā

I hope you have an amazing day and if you have any running tips, please leave a comment or if you would like some tips, please also leave a comment or contact me.

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