Hungry Belly

I opted for one more snack for the evening….my stomach was still soo hungry! I am on a cereal kick so I combined some Rice Krispies with a few Puffins Peanut Butter, and some Kellogg’s Just Right topped with Soy milk. Very tasty!

satisfaction in a bowl

satisfaction in a bowl


As I said earlier, I wanted to post more on running. A dear friend of mine decided to start running and this makes me very happy! I am proud of his progress! Today he made a comment to me and he hit the hammer right on the nose! He said “I am going to slow my pace up and build my endurance.” Bingo! This is a very smart approach to running. Yesterday I mentioned I am reading a Chris Carmichael book on training right and eating right. He uses the periodization form of training with four levels of training. During the first period- The Foundation Period: it is important to build your stamina by building your aerobic system through steady, long exercise sessions. This is because you want your body JUST to use your aerobic system and not go the anerobic system for extra energy. I won’t go into detail about the other periods mostly because I have not read that far yet. The point is to build your stamina and your body’s ability to use the nutrients you provide through the food you eat (most importantly simple carbohydrates) when your workout sessions last longer in length and are accomplished at a steady pace. Along with this, it is important to eat proper nutrients in their simplest forms: fruits, veggies, whole grain products (pasta, rice, etc etc) in combination with proteins and fats.

I will talk more about periodization in sports training once I complete more of the book. I just wanted to express that during the first stage of training (or even if you are already running or whatever, you can always improve by starting at the first of the four stages), it is important to build your aerobic system through long, steady paced work outs accompanied with proper nutrition. I will talk more on this nutrition component tomorrow.

I also started reading another great book on the train to work on complete nutrition. It is a compehensive book on how to generally be healthy and happy. See below:

great book!

great book!

I love books! 🙂

Have a fabulous evening!

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