What a glorious run!

Lay-lay was licking my face at 7am so I cuddled with her and went back to sleep for awhile. I wasn’t interested in making it an early morning. I figured 10am was a good time to get up and prep for my run. I intended to do a semi-long run depending on how I felt once I got out there…

I fueled with half a WW english muffin and peanut butter and some water.

I LOVE peanut butter

I LOVE peanut butter

I also got out my trusty running belt and filled the bottles with water and popped in some Luna chews in case I needed carbs during the run (I didn’t end up using them). As a side note, I have never used them while running before or the liquid stuff either. Considering I plan on running full marathons, I will try and incorporate them into my runs because I have a very sensitive stomach and I will have to slowly introduce them.

a runner's best friend

a runner's best friend

As the title caption says, I had a wonderful run! My energy levels remained constant and the run just generally felt very good. I incorporated three killer hills (the bonus of running outside) and I LOVE the challenge of a hill.

Running Stats:

8 Miles, 1 hour, 6 minutes, Average Pace: 8:18 min/mile

I am very pleased with the result. Here is my post-run:

run, forest, run

run, forest, run

And finally, the fuelling station. I wasn’t too hungry off the run so I started with a small re-fuel. I will eat more in an hour when I really get hungry. I opted for eggs on a ww English muffin with cheese. I also made a fabulous fruit salad. And naturally, a cup of java. I am enjoying this right now.

lovely food

lovely food

Now on to Sunday rituals: cleaning, cooking, scrapbooking… 🙂

Have a good one!

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