Oh how I love Fridays!

 The end of the week always feels like a reward. Despite it being Friday (aka not doing much work), I was really busy at work! AH well- I guess this is why they pay me. :-p


Today was an excellent day healthwise! My energy levels have been great since I altered what food I eat. I just feel much better. Here was today’s menu:

Menu Re-Cap

*Breakfast: I decided on some more oats because I love the taste and I love the way they keep me full for a long time. I mixed the brown sugar and maple flavour with plain oats as well as some oat bran to give it that sticky consistency. I tend to nuke it in the microwave for thirty seconds to fluff it up a bit. Below is a picture of the tube of Oats I purchased in the USA. I love the tube! I have never seen it sold like this her the Great White North. I also had a cup of Timmy’s. Coffee is a drug. Seriously.

Holy Oats!

Holy Oats!

* Mid-morning snack: I had a really delicious apple. I forget the type but it was so crisp.

* Lunch: I unfortunately had nothing homemade and opted for a frozen dinner: Smart Ones Sweet and Sour Chicken. I am not one to recommend frozen dinners because they have a ridiculous amount of sodium and additives but I enjoyed this one.

* Afternoon-Snack: I had an interesting all-natural vegan bar called Think Green. The flavour I had was Peanut Butter Chocolate and it was super heavy. I was hoping for more of a peanut butter taste but I still enjoyed it. I coupled this with a nice cup of chocolate raspberry herbal tea.

I love bars

I love bars

Post-Workout Snack: a very satisfying cup of Yoplait Light Orange Creamcicle yogurt. It tastes exactly like a creamcicle! I highly recommend it.

creamy yummy yogurt

creamy yummy yogurt

* Dinner: I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be given the intense workout I had (I will discuss my workout later). I picked up some beautiful chicken breasts to grill. I grilled them with some garlic and cajun spices and a little bit of chicken broth. I teamed this up with an Uncle Ben’s multigrain rice mix and some peas/corn, carrots and beets. I love a colourful plate. My meal filled me to the brim but I am sure I will be hungry in an hour or two. I’ll probably snack on popcorn or something along those lines.

My colourful meal

My colourful meal

I also had the standard 4 plus litres of water to keep my hydrated. I find it so easy to consume this much water because my workplace is so dry.  All in all, I had a very satisfying day food-wise. I also appreciated the beautiful sunshine.

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