I love my pajamas and today’s menu

It is a pleasure to be sitting on my couch at 8:30PM in my pajamas! It’s a rare occasion so I am going to enjoy it. I had a day filled with healthy, delicious food choices and an excellent workout!

Meal Re-Cap:

*Breakfast consisted of plain oatmeal mixed with maple and brown sugar oatmeal. It was very satisfying. I skipped on the morning coffee because I had *ahem* female pains and caffeine tends to aggravate the source. I opted for a nice soothing cup of chamomile tea.

*My mid-morning snack consisted of a pear. It was tasty.

*Lunch was the last of the bulgur pilaf I made topped with steamed green beans. It was satisfying and I will probably repeat the recipe in the future. If you lead a busy life like I do, I highly recommend preparing meals on Sunday and eating it throughout the week for lunch. Not only do you get to make healthier choices, you save tonnes of $$. Along with the bulgur and green beans I had a grapefruit.

The bulgur pilaf is hiding under the mountain of green beans!

The bulgur is hiding under the mountain of green beans!

*For my afternoon snack I had a Luna Bar for Women in the Blueberry Bliss flavour. I absolutely love these bars. They are really tasty and offer great nutrition.

Luna Bar heaven

Luna Bar heaven

*After my workout I had one of the best bars ever: Quaker bar in that fabulous toasted coconut, macadamia nut and banana flavour. so good!

The love Quaker bars I adore!

The love Quaker bars I adore!

*My dinner was very colourful! I made a delicious side salad with mixed greens, shredded carrot, red peppers and a scallion tossed in ginger dressing. I opted for a veggie chicken burger on a WW English muffin with some FF Miracle Whip with a side of beets. I love beets. Beets alone. Beets in salad. Just love them.

MMMM veggie chicken burger

MMMM veggie chicken burger

What a colourful salad!

What a colourful salad!

*Evening snack to tame that wild sweet-loving beast that comes out once a month: a Chocolate Fix. I found these 100 Cal snacks at the grocery store once and I love them! They remind me of macaroons. Yummy!

Chocolatey Goodness

Chocolatey Goodness

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