Goodbye my faithful pair..



I had a really good workout today! I ended up running 5.5 miles in 50 minutes. It wasn’t a quick pace at all but it felt great. I completed the workout feeling really good so I decided to do some strength training. I only did two circuits because it got busy in the women’s area and I didn’t get to my third circuit.

My first circuit consisted of 15 reps of dumbbells over head pressing upward (I wish I knew the proper names for these exercises), 15 reps of arms straight lifting arms to sides just below shoulder length then straight ahead shoulder length (wish I remembered the name!), and 30 crunches on the stability ball- all done three times through.

My second circuit consisted of 15 reps of bent-over tricep lifts(really need to get proper names! hehe), 15 reps of outer leg focus on the stability ball, and 15 bicep curls all done three times through.

So lastly I have sad news: I must retire my favourite pair of runners- runners that got me through 2 half-marathons among many other runs….I probably should have chucked them awhile ago but I absolutely love them…Luckily I have three other pairs in the circuit but I would like to get a similar pair because they were comfortable from the second I put them on! Byebye my friends!

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