On Running- Part I

Good Morning 🙂

The first introduction post on me will be on my love of running.  The love affair started in my first year of university last year (kidding- it was almost nine years ago now- yikes! time flies!) Because it was so long ago I vaguely remember how it all started but I do remember it did not take much to build up my stamina. It may be partly due to my level of stubbornness but regardless, I was able to build on my endurance and intensity. Running gave me the power to lose weight and regain my health. I will post more on weight loss at a later time. I also became addicted to the infamous “runner’s high”. Running outside is definitely my preferred method but I generally run on a treadmill due to a variety of factors including weather, time constraints, etc etc. 9 years of running is a lot to re-cap so I will shorten it into a few sentences.  For the first few years I generally kept it to 3-4 miles per run, running 4-7 times a week. When I went home for the summers during university I had a killer route outside which was about the same length. In my last year of university I developed IT problems and had issues with my siatica nerve so I sadly had to stop running for about a year. I did some physio, got proper shoes, etc. and moved on. I picked back up a year later and I haven’t looked back.

In the past year I decided to take my running up a notch. Sort of last minute I signed up for the Toronto Scotia Half Marathon without any serious training and with only runing 10 miles once! I knew I could push through with my determination and stamina and that is what I did! It was a such a wonderful experience and I kind of even got choked up. I was proud of myself because I finished the race in 2 hours, 2 minutes. It is definitely an accomplishment I am very proud of.

ready to run!

ready to run!

I guess I was quite zealous in my signing up for races because around the time I signed up for the Scotia Half, I also signed up for the Toronto Goodlife Half in October 2008. One word: Brrr!! There was frost on the ground and I remember it took that giant hill at York Mills to warm up.  A funny moment I do remember is people standing alongside the hill at York Mills holding signs that said “Hills Build Character” hahah love it! I am pleased to say I increased my speed and completed the Goodlife Half in 1 hour, 48 minutes! I was very proud of myself.



Those were my two major accomplishments with regard to running for 2008. I also ran the 8K Stryker in Burlington in September in about 45 minutes. Sadly I have no pictures of that event.

I will go into my 2009 running prospects, goals, and accomplishments in another post.

On Gear

I have a ridiculous amount of workout wear and shoes.  I am big on getting the proper gear. It is definitely worth it to spend the extra 10-50 dollars on good Dry-Fit lines from Nike, Adidas, etc because they allow for your skin to breathe and therefore allow you to have a better workout. I probably own like 25 sports bras, 35 shirts, and 30 pairs of pants. I do also prefer the mini sport socks as opposed to thick cotton ones.

In terms of shoes, I have been buying Nike recently so I can use my Nike Plus with my IPOD to measure the distance, etc. of my workouts. However, I do prefer Asics shoes because they offer better support (I’m a pronator). I am seriously contemplating buying a Garmin Forerunner running watch. The major hold back is the price right now! The watch isreally expensive but in this case I think it is worth it because of my love of running and my dedication to it. Once I purchase the Garmin watch (let’s be real, you know I will), I will get a new pair of Asics. I have read in multiple sources that a runner should replace their shoes every 3 months. I don’t quite to that but I do use multiple pairs of shoes. I am however due for some new ones. Proper gear is definitely a necessity! 🙂

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