Can we please add 10 extra hours to the day??

I realize this is a completely cliched thing to say but there seriously is not enough hours in the day!! 🙂 Not getting home until 9pm and eating dinner until 9:30pm is completely not ideal but unfortunately it can sometimes be a reality for me. Phew! Okay- enough ranting. Today was a very successful healthy day!

Yummy Food Re-Cap

*Breakfast: I started out the day with some All-Bran Strawberry Medley. I am really liking the milk first thing in the morning. Of course I had a morning cup of coffee.

*Morning Snack: A big beautiful juicy red delicious apple

*Lunch: the Knorr “Orange” soup. Unfortunately no picture but it is carrot based and it tastes so good. I also had a grapefruit for dessert. I have been eating a lot of these lately because they have been juicy and sweet!\

* First Afternoon Snack: a Luna bar with herbal tea (not coffee!). It was a delicious raspberry chocolate. SO tasty! I absolutely love Luna bars. I picked up a bunch when I was in the States on Friday. The nutritional content is also exceptional for a bar- complete with Calcium and Vitamin C.

Luna Bar- Cookies N Cream Delight

*Second Afternoon Snack (Pre-Workout): almonds. I love nuts! they taste great and satisfy hunger. These 100 cal packs are very convenient.

Almonds- Yum!

*Post Workout Re-Fuel: A fruit and veggie bar. it was very satisfying and held me over until I got home to eat dinner!

Fruit and Veggie Bar

*Finally! Dinner! I had to throw something together because it was so late! I wanted to use up my multigrain bread so I made a veggie and cheese sandwich. I really wanted more turkey but there wasn’t much white meat left. I had tonnes of veggies on the side.

Colourful Dinner

As you can see I like to snack throughout the day to keep my  body fueled. I generally like to eat more for dinner but it is so late and I like my stomach to settle before sleeping.

I have also made it a point to listen to my BODY and fuel it when it needs fuel and not eat just for the sake of eating and to choose the most healthful foods I can. It truly makes a difference in my energy levels and contributes to my stamina with my workouts.

Workout Re-Cap

So I had an AMAZING workout today! I finally went to tho be boxing class. I didn’t expect to be the only woman but alas I was. I don’t mind though. I am pretty excited about learning to fight. The instructor is great and he worked with me one on one. I look forward to learning a lot more! I even brought my new Everlast gloves in PINK! I will take a picture and post tomorrow. After the class I surprisingly had a little left in me so I opted to go on the elliptical for half an hour. I am glad I did because it felt great!

Time to get ready for bed! Tomorrow is another busy day!

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