To express my love of delicious food and exercise (especially running), I intend to blog daily, complete with pictures. I realize that this will be a challenge with my busy life, but I am excited about this endeavour. Today was a very successful day healthwise. I have been recording my meals in a notebook to stay accountable and to ensure I am getting all the right nutrients and minerals. I find it to be very effective and it truly challenges me you to eat nourishing foods (no one wants to record that they eat a bag of chips with a side of 4 chocolate bars haha). I have promised myself that I will try to eat foods in their most natural state as possible- and to stay away from yicky preservatives!

Menu Recap:

*Breakfast: All Bran Strawberry Medley Cereal with coffee

* Mid-Morning Snack: a delicious, nutritious apple

* Lunch: homemade bulgar pilaf consisting of bulgar, onions, mushrooms, almonds, apricots and raisins with a huge side of steamed green beans

* First Afternoon Snack: Yoplait Light- I picked it up in the States over the weekend because it can’t be purchased in Canada- bummer because it is my absolute favourite!

* Second Afternoon Snack:  a Quaker Delight Banana Toasted Coconut Bar- also a product you can’t buy in Canada- boo! with a coffee (I am really trying to cut out that second coffee and replace it with herbal tea- it will be a challenge for sure!)

* After Work-out Snack: A Fruit plus Veggie Bar

*and finally dinner (the only picture I have): I created a stir-fly with left-over turkey corn, peas, peppers and a scallion. To balance the meal out I had some carrots and a piece of whole-grain bread with cheese- love cheese


* I may have another snack but I am more tired than hungry.

I also drank over four litres of water and (I don’t want to admit this) two diet cokes! I know diet coke is horrible for you but it a serious addiction! haha I will fight that battle in time.

My gym experience today was amazing! Tuesday is usually a run day and it felt really good! I generally do 6 miles but it felt so good I kept going and did 8 miles(a slower 8 miles but 8 miles nonetheless)! I am happy about that because I am going to be running the Vancouver Half Marathon in less than 3 weeks! I planned to up my training and I am glad I delivered.

Stats: Distance: 8 Miles Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes Cals Burns: 854

I will definitely post more about myself in the days to come. I just wanted to officially get a start on this blog to make my blogger status official.

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